Admission In Wuhan Medical University China For MBBS Program

Wuhan Medical University is one of the best medical universities in China under the tag of double first class University. It was established long back in the year of 1893 and since then it has been offering various kinds of educations in China including medical education. 

There are the numbers of the students both from the China and foreign Countries as well who show their interest in the MBBS program of the Wuhan Medical University China.

If you are also willing to study MBBS in this University then this article is going to be fruitful for you. We have covered all the information about the MBBS program.

Courses Offered by Wuhan Medical University :

If we talk about the courses offered by the Wuhan university school of medicine then there are the numbers of the medical and other types of courses offering by this medical college, but since in this article we are discussing the MBBS program of this college then we will only discuss the MBBS program. 


MBBS program from this University has the duration of 6 years and in these 6 years, the academic and the internship session of the MBBS has been planned very decently.

The first 5 years of the MBBS program have been dedicated to the academic studies of the medicine while the last 1 year has been given to the internship period. In the first 5 years of MBBS, students will study the following subjects of medicine. 

  • Human Anatomy 
  • Physiology 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Pathology 
  • Pharmacology 
  • Community Medicine
  • Toxicology 
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Anesthesia 
  • Radiology 
  • Obstetrics 
  • Surgery 
  • Orthopedics etc.

We have mentioned the major studies subjects of the MBBS from Wuhan university school of medicine there may be many other subjects in the MBBS curriculum of the University.

In the last 1 year, the MBBS students are provided the practical internship session in the medical hospitals of China where they apply their academics knowledge about the medicines. 

Wuhan Medical University MBBS fee structure A

Wuhan Medical University Fee Structure:

As we can see that you are going through this of our article since you have made up your mind about studying the MBBS program of the University.

Keeping this factor in mind here we are providing you the Wuhan Medical University fee structure for MBBS program, which will help you to make your budget accordingly. 

Wuhan Medical University Fee Structure

40000 7200 47200 486870

Here keep in your consideration that this is the estimated fee structure, which may be slightly lower or higher than the actual fee structure of the University due to various variations.

This fee structure includes the hostel and the accommodation charges as well and the fee structure has been provided in the Chinese currency, which you can convert to the other desired currency. 

Amenities and the other facilities by the Wuhan Medical University to the students:

We know that as a student we all need some basic facilities or amenities in order to keep our study going on without any discomfort or trouble.

This University takes care of that as it provides the basic and the necessary facilities, which are required by the students in the course of their studies.

Here below we are listing down those facilities. 

  • Hostel Facilities so that the students don’t have to go through any kind of discomfort due to the lack of accommodation facilities.
  • Mess facilities from where the students can have healthy food supplies.
  • Internet and library facilities for enhancing the medical knowledge purview of the students. 
  • Gym and sports ground facilities for health maintenance.
  • Spacious halls of the lecture so that each student can avail their reasonable space.

Scholarship Program of Wuhan Medical University China:

There is the category of the students who belong to the financially weaker section of the society and due to that, such students are unable to pay their entire or some portion of MBBS fee. It keeps this aspect in its consideration and offers the scholarship program to such MBBS aspirants so that they can also full-fill their dreams.

There is various scholarship program offered by this University for such students such as the Chinese government scholarship, Confucius scholarship etc programs.

If you feel like you deserve a chance to apply for the scholarship of the University, then you can visit the official website and get all the relevant information such as the eligibility criteria and other relevant information.

Wuhan Medical University MBBS fee structure B

Scope of MBBS from Wuhan Medical University:

Wuhan University is the selected A class University of China which holds its place in the double first class category of the medical universities. The courses which are being offered by Wuhan University are well recognized worldwide and have a very decent scope.

If we talk about the scope of MBBS from this University then this course has been approved by the WHO and accepted by the top medical bodies of the world.

After the completion of the MBBS from Wuhan University, you can directly apply for the job in the medical hospitals of China or you can start your own medical practice anywhere in the world after clearing the screening exam of that country. 

Climate of Hubei (China) and Contact Details of Wuhan University:

As you are planning to study MBBS from Wuhan University then it is obvious to guess that you are going to spend the next 6 years of your life in Hubei(China). We urge you to be aware of the climate of this place so that you can plan your accommodation accordingly. 

The Hubei is having the subtropical climate where you can find the typical 4 weather seasons which are summer, monsoon, autumn, and winter.

If we talk about the temperature then you can experience here the temperature of 30+ degree Celsius in the month of July summer season. On the other hand, the temperature in winter can get anywhere 0 to 5 degrees or sometimes it can fall below 0 degrees as well. 

If you are having any query regarding the admission process or anything else then you can directly reach out to the officials of the Wuhan medical university.

Here we are attaching the contact information of the University so that you can easily reach them.


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