Tyumen state medical university is a renowned medical college in Russia whose establishment dates back to 1963. Since then the college has produced above twenty thousand specialists who are providing their services around the globe.

It enrols students from various nations every year and also provides affordable education and living for foreign students as well. The college is acknowledged by the Russian Federation Ministry of Health, World Health Organisation, and MCI. Due to its quality of education, it is the best choice for students all over the globe to pursue their MBBS degree.

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Tyumen State Medical University Ranking

In Russia among all the medical universities Tyumen state medical university has the 10th position overall, as per the National Rating of Higher Educational Institutions of the Russian Federation. Their overall worldwide ranking is 2878. Tyumen state medical university provides a total of 122 educational programs and has 68 number of departments. Being established in the year 1963, the university is providing quality education for over 50 years now. In 2015, the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health renamed the name of the institution from Tyumen State Medical Academy to Tyumen state medical university.

Tyumen State Medical University Fee Structure

The fee structure for the students includes everything from their tuition fee to the fee of their accommodation. The course is a six-year-long program so students have to make arrangements as per that. The tuition fee is different for 1st year and then it is different for the rest 5 years. For 1st year the tuition fee is US $5300 and the hostel fee for the 1st year is US $500. After that from 2nd to 6th year the tuition fee is US $4260 and the hostel fee is US $300. The hotel facilities are available separately for boys and girls. University allows students from foreign countries and different religious beliefs to celebrate their festivals. In case any students do not want hostel service provided by the university then they can stay outside of the university premise also and for that, they will have to pay approximately US $210 to US $250 which will include all the expenses including accommodation and lodging, food expense, internet expense, and the transportation expense as well. In addition to that, the university also provides scholarships for the students with merit so they do not have to pay as much. There is also an option of student loans that help students to afford quality education.

Tyumen State Medical University Required Documents

The degree program starts on the 1st of September every year, so students have to apply before the 15th of August in order to get admission into the university. There are various documents must be presented before the management in order to be verified correctly. Students enrolling for the degree program have to submit a scanned copy of their passport which is required to be valid for 1 to 5 years from the date of arrival, previous certificates of academic results, transcript of records for your previous academic certificates and an HIV certificate for foreign students along with a passport-sized picture of the student. There is a rule that every document needs to be properly translated to Russian before presentation and enrolment. In the case of foreign students, the university only accepts the documents that have been legalized.

Tyumen State Medical University Courses

The course available is for medical students in the field:

  1. Dentistry
  2. Pharmacy
  3. General medicine
  4. Pediatrics
  5. MBBS
  6. Nursing
  7. Post Graduate
  8. Continuous Learning.

The faculties are highly educated and have years of experience in training the students. The university provides 127 doctors and 297 candidates of science. All the faculties are highly trained and most of them have been awarded by the government as well. Thus, the university has an overall worldwide ranking of 2878.

Tyumen State Medical University Eligibility Criteria

There are various scholarship programs provided by the Russian government to foreign students so that they can have quality education without worrying about their financial condition. There are various factors considered before awarding the scholarship but the major factor is the academic performance of the student. The candidate’s eligibility criteria also checked based on their previous academic result.

The students can get free tuition for semesters of their degree, for the entire study duration the students can get maintenance allowance and reservation at the hostels or dormitory, which is subjected to availability.

There is a Talent ++ scholarship program available especially for the Ph.D. students which allows them to have free tuition for the entire program and a monthly scholarship of 30,000 RUB/month. The criteria for that is that the students have their work published in the international publications and have participated in the Olympiads as well.

Tyumen State Medical University College Environment

The environment of the university is very positive and the students are very much safe and secured from any external threat at this location. The standard of living is also very good in the city which has been ranked 8th all over Russia. University makes sure about the safety of the students and also allows them to take part in recreational activities. The cafeteria is a non-commercial facility for dining and has a variety of foods for students of all kinds of cultures and countries. The management of the university is very strict about their rules and regulations. They have a separate department where they deal with the issue of the students regarding their security. They have a no-tolerance policy for racial profiling. All these factors provide a student with high confidence and allow them to focus on their studies only.

Gateways for Entrance

The Tyumen state medical university provides direct entry to the universities and no such entrance exam are available the admission takes place based on merit. However, there are some competitions organized for the scholarship programs and on the basis of their results students are awarded with the scholarships. For foreign students the scholarship program is held as the All Russian open competition, it allows the foreign students to carry on their higher studies without being worried about the fees.

Tyumen State Medical University Advantages for International Students

There are various positive things available for the foreign and international students as the university encourage them to celebrate their festivals, the city is more secure and has a high standard of living in Russia. The unemployment rate is very low and has the highest average salary in Russia which is 56,000 RUB. The accommodation and food along with transportation charges all of these are included in around US $210 to US $250 which is affordable for the students. The high quality of education is provided here and also the degree is valid in many countries as the university acknowledges all over the world. The scholarship programs allow the students to have their education free of cost if they are eligible for that. They would not have to pay for hostel amenities or tuition fees, etc.

Tyumen State Medical University Hostel Life

The hostel facility provided by the university is of high class where the food is available of standard quality and also there is an option for foreign food as well of that foreign international students can get the taste of their homeland every once a while. There are separate hostels available for girls and boys as well. There is a kitchen available on every floor of the hostel so that students can prepare their food by themselves. A friendly environment is provided to the students so that they can have a positive surrounding which will enable to learn more. The university encourages them to take part in recreational activities and also allows them to celebrate their festivals. All these factors make the hostel life of a student fun so that they enjoy their day after learning different things throughout the day. There is a department for maintenance of the hostel dormitories who makes sure about the cleaning and other things in the hostel. If any hostel has any issue than they inform the management who later fixes the problem. There are separate bathrooms available and their regular cleaning is performed. The hostels are Wi-Fi enabled which makes the students in learning.

Alumni Program

Alumni programs allow the previous students of the university to revisit the institution and meet their old classmates. They share their life experiences with their friends and give impactful insights to the students about how to pursue their dreams. As these people have faced so many things so that they make the students aware of the dos and don’ts in life. They motivate the students to have a career goal and follow that goal and live life as well because in many cases the students do not take out time from their studying schedule but it is very essential for them to have some time for fun which they will remember throughout their lives. The article is providing information regarding all the aspects of education at the Tyumen state medical university, Russia. The information regarding infrastructure, environment, education quality, quality of living have been described. The article also describes the process of admission, required documents at the time of admission and information regarding the scholarship programs. Students who wanted to pursue the medical field will be able to analyze different colleges and universities based on the information provided in the article in the context of Tyumen state medical university.

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