Kazan Federal University (KFU) was founded in 1804 located in Kazan, Russia. It is famous as the oldest University ever in Russia. Its main campus located in downtown Kazan that is 10 minutes far from the Kazan Kremlin. The organization divided into 16 institutes, two faculties, and 3 higher schools.

The branches of University are in Yelabuga and Naberezhnye Chelny. The majority of programs and education delivered in KFU is in Russian and the students or candidates who are unable to talk in Russian there is a one year course for them at KFU international preparatory school. Although, there are some programs which are taught in English for the students who are getting difficulties in Russia. So, along with this article, there are some factors helps to understand better about the University.

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Kazan Federal University Ranking  

The ranking of University is based on its academic and extra-curricular activities. So, the ranking of KFU is in the top 550 Universities in this world according to the ranking of QS in 2016-2017. It tops to 200 positions in linguistics, ranked top 400 for both physics and mathematics. According to the QS stars evaluation system, it has been rated three stars for the overall performance, five stars for innovative strategies and facilities provider, and four stars in teaching. So, overall it ranked on the top 550 best Universities in this world that provide undergraduate and postgraduate education facilities to the candidates.

Kazan Federal University Fee Structure

The overall duration of course for students is 6 years in which there is a fee breakdown structure paid by students for education listed below:

The annual fees vary based on the chosen program apart from that the average tuition fee is 29 lakh for 6 years. The prices range from 74000 RUR to 221900 RUR for some of the Ph.D. programs. On the contrary, for the candidate aims at post-graduate studies in the priority areas of KFU, the university provides funding for financial help. There is a scholarship arranged for the eligible candidates by the Russian government. So, the fee structure of KFU includes scholarships also.

Kazan Federal University Admission Process

The admission process of KFU contains the stages through which the candidate can apply for getting admission. First of all, the online application process is being filled by the candidates so that based on counseling, the admission of students is processed. The online application process contains some required documents to attach. Further, there is a payment section in which student has to pay the amount for tuition fee. So, this is how the admission process of KFU works.

Kazan Federal University Courses

The KFU is providing education facilities for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is mainly focusing on research over pharmaceutical and bio-medical, oil refining, petro-chemistry, aerospace technologies, etc. Further, there are a lot of courses provided to students of University so that they can make a choice for themselves. It will help them out what field they want to pursue their studies and exploration. So, there are some of the courses:

  • Natural science
  • Social science
  • Humanities
  • Economics and management
  • Automation and control
  • Computer science and engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Environmental protection
  • Control and automation and many more

These are some of the courses and also there are many more among which the students can choose any field they want for their exploration.

Kazan Federal University Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria must be followed by students to get admitted into KFU for under graduation or post-graduation. There are two eligibility factors i.e. training requirements, and language proficiency requirements. In which for undergraduate study, the student must have scored 80% or more in any certificate of secondary education and decent marks in every subject. The training session in KFU for the learning is conducted in Russian. The student should have at least one document from the below-listed documents:

  • The secondary education certificate must be form that school where Russian is being used for education.
  • They must have the certificate of Russian testing for foreigners.
  • They must have fulfilled the state system of pre-university testing.

So, these are some of the factors which are required for taking admission in KFU and start further studies.


The environment of KFU is a brilliant imitation for the students in terms of constant development and general knowledge. There are at present 3200 faculty members who are employed to provide a better education to the students admitting here. The environment of KFU is user-friendly as apart from the study, it is also popular for its traditional and cultural performances. It helps in making the difference for undergraduate and postgraduate levels of education from other Universities. Further, they also believe in a ragging free environment so that the students can freely study here, so this is how the KFU possesses a clean and soft environment.

Entrances gateway

The entrance gateway for admission in KFU is through the NEET exam. The candidate should have cleared the NEET examination as the passing scorecard of NEET requires at the time of admission for the candidate. The eligibility criteria also include NEET qualification in which the candidate must have cleared the NEET examination. So, the major entrance gateway examination for taking admission in KFU is NEET qualification.

Kazan Federal University Advantages

KFU has some advantages which are very important in terms of attracting the candidates to study here. It has a well-developed and highly applauded education system of 3000 teachers to teach undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Almost all the teachers or mentors hold doctoral degrees not from Russia only, they are from different countries. KFU is enhancing the infrastructure, as from last year, it has developed vibrant scientific infrastructure in which the teaching laboratories are there along with 17 centers of excellence. Along with the academic study, it also provides traditional and cultural growth to the students learning here and also provides entrepreneurial sessions to the students for creativity. In addition, with the help of creative guidance provided by the teachers in KFU, graduates from here become leaders somewhere else. These are some of the factors that show the benefits of KFU and advantages so that the candidate can select this University to pursue their studies.

Kazan Federal University Disadvantages

The KFU has some limitations that should be recovered to provide a better education facility to the candidates. In this University, the students are selected on the basis of their secondary marks; this leads to the admission of the students who have no ability to grab the test paper of University. The helpline room services are poor as they make excuses to help the students who are in urgent need. Although, this limitation is being overcome by introducing a monitoring department that can put an eye over them so that the guards can work properly. So, this is how the limitations must be overcome by KFU in order to provide efficient services.

Kazan Federal University Hostel life

The accommodation service at KFU is quite effective, the first student has to fill the form for housing and send it to ois@kpfu.ru. After this application, they provide an option of an apartment in which students can select with their choices. There is a maximum of two options for the apartment in which the student has to select. The hostel life of KFU is impressive as the seniors tend to teach their junior how the courses will occur and what are the steps that can be followed for better and efficient study. Further, the hostel life of student is being effective for them as they learn many things in the supervision of their seniors that how to manage in hostel. KFU is very good at providing the housing facilities with the options to their students. So, this is how the hostel life in KFU is also a major factor that attract the students to this University for further studies.

Alumni experience

The Alumni meet held in KFU every year in which they call their pass out students (alumni) to come and share their experience and views about the environment and behavior. The alumni interaction with students is very emotional because they give a motivational lecture to them and share their experience when they used to study in this college. This helps the students to be motivated and also the alumni association provides them a better opportunity to interact with them. Also, the alumni share their experience of the job and also they remind of their past days when they used to study. They also thank their teachers to provide them with better education facilities and make them an independent human being. So, the alumni meet at KFU is so aspiring and alumni experience is quite good for the students.

This article contains many factors that are showing the importance and environment of KFU. This environment and course selection criteria helps the students to choose this University for their further development. Also, these factors are responsible for the learning, students will get from KFU. So, the article is showing every possible aspect of the University along with its fee structure and eligibility criteria, so that the students can be helped out. Further, the admission process for KFU is also reflected in this article along with the advantages and disadvantages in the learning and environment of KFU. The disadvantages are overcoming by this University in order to make better strategies for educating their candidates in academic, traditional, and cultural activities. So, this is how the article involves a breakdown structure of the working and teaching environment in KFU.

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