Kabardino Balkarian State University (KBSU) was established in 1932 and situated in North Caucasus, Russia. This University majorly contains two ethnic communities i.e. kabardins (speak north-west Caucasian) and balkars (speak Turkish). The major population in KBSU made up of Balkars and Russians. Based on a survey taken in 2012, the Islam religion followers are 60%, followers of Russian Orthodox Church are 15.6%, 5% are adhered to unaffiliated Christians, folk religion followers are 3%, and the remaining 12% population have declared themselves as spiritual. The total area of KBSU is 12,500 sq. km. KBSU contains around 8000-8099 as it is a higher education institute of medium-sized that offers bachelor courses and programs. The University is officially recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher education of Russia. This is situated in the small city of Nalchik that offers course in various areas. This article includes various information about KBSU and its admission policies.

Kabardino Balkarian State University Ranking

The ranking of University depends on overall environment, academics, other activities, etc. KBSU ranked 80 among the top Universities in Russia and it ranked 3259 among world’s best and top Universities. The purpose to show college ranking is because it shows the quality of services provided to the candidates during their study.

Kabardino Balkarian State University Fee Structure

The tuition fee differs for a 1st-year medical course and a 2-6th year medical course. The full and detailed breakdown of fee structure is explained below:

Programs Fees
Tuition fee (1st year ) *Note: Includes fee, hostel, and insurance US $ 5200
Tuition fee (2nd -6th year) *Note: Includes only tuition fee US $ 4100/yr
Lodging + Food charge US $ 1000
Insurance US $ 150/yr
Visa extension US $ 50/yr
One time charge *Note: Includes translation, attestation, invitation and application fee, admission charge, visa fee, flight ticket, Bedding, Medical check-up, Study material, External affair stamping, Apron & Stethoscope, MCI immigration, medical insurance, Registration in MEA, Airport transfer assistance US $ 2500 + 18% tax
Total (First year fees in US) *Note: Includes fee, hostel, mess, insurance, visa extension US $ 6000
Total (Second to Sixth year fees) *Note: fee, hostel, insurance, visa extension, food US $ 5100/yr
Total fees (6 years) *Note: Includes fee, hostel, mess, insurance, visa extension US $ 30,700

The above table is depicting the whole fee structure taken by a student from KBSU in the MBBS degree program for study and other activities. The Tuition fee includes Mess, hostel, visa extension, fees, and insurance of the candidate. The hostel fee includes accommodation, furniture, bedding, electricity (24 hours), gas (24 hours), hot and cold water supply (24 hours), and room heating system. The tuition fee can be paid in two installments along with the semester starting i.e. 1st Semester fee till 15th September and 2nd Semester fee till 15th January, and so on. So, this is the fee breakdown structure of KBSU for medical degree course.

Kabardino Balkarian State University Documents Required

KBSU don’t ask for any of the degree regardless of secondary school certificate fro international students. No specific marks or grades are required to take admission in KSBU. The required documents from a candidate for undergraduate program is that the candidate must have studied Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Kabardino Balkarian State University Courses

The KBSU offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine in which the courses are Architecture, building, law, economics, biology, finance, information and computer technologies, sociology and tourism, history and media, etc. These course are provided during the program of KBSU to their candidates so that the candidates can make their choices. The course chosen by the candidate would be explored by candidate.

Kabardino Balkarian State University Eligibility criteria

As such there is no eligibility criteria to study in KBSU, except a candidate should have a secondary certificate to continue their study. The motto of KBSU is to provide education to as much as candidate desires to take it. That’s why there is no eligibility criteria for the students to sit in KBSU. They provide the chance to each so that more candidates can explored in the field of study.

Kabardino Balkarian State University Environment

The KBSU is a leading classical University of Russia where educational activities and research activities are equally carried out. This helps the student to explore themselves in each field. They provide undergraduate, postgraduate, etc. in which currently around the trained students in KBSU are 14.5 thousand in which 636 students are postgraduate, doctoral degree holders. In the Universities of the federal district, KBSU is ahead in terms of scientific papers apart from the educational programs. So, this means that the research programs are also carried equal weightage than educational programs. In KBSU, the total number of students is 8758 in which 13% are UG students and 87% are PG students. The number of international students in KBSU are 14, all from the PG course. Total number of faculty in KBSU is 801 from which 797 are the domestic staff and 4 are the international staff. The environment at KBSU is very clean and ragging-free as they believe in keeping the environment clean. They also save trees to preserve the environment so that human lives can be secured. There are many environmental awareness programs are conducted by KBSU to keep the environment secure and clean. The internal environment of KBSU is secure to each student as they can safely around campus and study their course. So, this is how KBSU pursues a clean, safe, and secure environment for the students.

Kabardino Balkarian State University Entrances gateways

There is no such examination conducted by KBSU for the entrance of students in their college to pursue various courses. But, the candidate must have the certificate of secondary examination to get admission in KBSU. Thus, there is no compulsory for students to give ay test to get admission into the University. There is no specific marks or grades required to get admitted into the college, so this is a good opportunity to get admitted into KBSU and pursue further studies.

Kabardino Balkarian State University Advantages

Most of the factors of KBSU are beneficial for the students to get admitted for the study:

  • The University provides an excellent quality education service to the students in academics as well as research studies.
  • The staff members are highly experienced and polite to students; provide the best and effective replies to the students.
  • The University takes a low tuition fee in the Russian federation for foreign students, this can also a major factor to choose KBSU for pursuing various courses at University.
  • The KBSU is a recognized University worldwide and accredited with various departments. So, it is a renowned University worldwide.

These are some of the factors that can help students to select KBSU for their further exploration in courses. These advantages of college reflects the quality performance it contains. So, these factors should be considered by a candidate before admitting in KBSU.

Kabardino Balkarian State University Hostel life

The hostel life impacts on a student in college time so this should be good in terms of service and quality. There are 4 multi story apartment for accommodation of students so that they can get whole facilities. Further, the student can catch public transport easily from here to any destination. There are toilets and kitchen available in each hostel in which 2 or 3 students can share room. The hostels are fully furnished with all the facilities like fridge, TV, table, etc. The hygiene maintenance is 100% in hostels so that a conductive and fresh environment can be provided to the students. Further, it also has the mess facilities contains both veg and non-veg food. So, all the facilities are provided to the students in hostel so that they can study in a better environment.

Kabardino Balkarian State University Alumni experience

Alumni’s (pass out students) are pride for every college and KBSU arrange alumni association in which the alumni of University come and share their experience at college and working atmosphere outside. The session is being conducted by KBSU so the students of college got to know about their experience at college. The seminar of alumni meet with students and faculty members is very emotional. Also, apart from sharing the experience, alumni’s also thank all their faculty members for giving them a better future and thank them to arrange the sessions for them. These alumni’s interact with the students currently pursuing their courses, provide them with a good facility and then talk about the interest of students. Although they know about the environment of college, that’s why they always suggest the students to concentrate on their studies as well as some research works. Alumni meet is always memorable for the alumni, students, and faculty members. So, the alumni’s shares their experience at the function arranged for them named as “Alumni association”.

This article contains a lot of details about how to take admission in KBSU, what documents and eligibility criteria a student must have to be admitted in the college. Further, the article contains information about the courses offered by KBSU to their students so that they can select subject in which they are interested. Further, the environment and entrance exam has been discussed in the article that reflects the proper environment and examination required to get into KBSU. Apart from this, the hostel life, alumni’s experience has been discussed and the advantages of University has been addressed that are beneficial for the students to pick up college for further studies.

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