Semey State Medical University is one of the most oldest medical Universities of Kazakhstan, as it was established long back in the year of 1952. In the present scenario, it is the leading medical University which offers several kinds of medical education both to the native and the foreign students as well.

The University was earlier known by the name of Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute and offered the medical education under the same name for almost 40 years. You can study almost all kinds of medical courses from this University at a very reasonable price and with modern medical infrastructure.

Here in this article, we are basically going to talk about the various aspects of the Semey Medical University, and if you are looking forward to studying any medical course from this University then this article is going to provide you some help in that context.

Courses Provided by the Semey State Medical University

Semey Medical University offers a broad range of medical courses to all its aspirants right from the graduate level to the postgraduate levels. It is one of the highly recognized medical Universities of Kazakhstan, and thus receive the significant applications of the aspirants from both the native and the International aspirants.

Here below are the major courses of studies that you can consider taking from this University.

  • 1. MBBS Program
  • 2. Bachelor of Dental Surgery Program
  • 3. Medical nursing program
  • 4. General Medicine Studies
  • 5. Preventive Medicines Study
  • 6. Other Pharmacy Programmes etc.

These are some of the major medical courses that you can study from this medical University. You can visit the campus of the University in order to have more information about medical programmes at the University.

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MBBS Program of the Semey State Medical University

Semey Medical University offers a very unique MBBS program to the aspirants in the comparison of the other medical Universities in Kazakhstan. The University has the duration of MBBB program as 7 years of duration, which is 1 year more than the routine duration of the program.

It is a very extensive medical MBBS program which has been divided between the 5 years of the academic medical studies and 2 years for the internship session. The aspirants are offered all the dimensions of the MBBS studies in this program and here below are the major domain of studies in this program.

  • 1. Human Anatomy
  • 2. General Medicine
  • 3. Pediatrics
  • 4. Radiotherapy
  • 5. Physiology
  • 6. Biochemistry
  • 7. Orthopedics
  • 8. Ophthalmology
  • 9. Pathology
  • 10. Gynecology
  • 11. Anesthesiology etc.

We have covered only the major subjects of MBBS studies above while there are many other subjects in the overall study. We urge you to undertake the whole MBBS studies curriculum to understand all the subject of studies.

Semey State Medical University Fee Structure For MBBS

As we have already discussed that MBBS is the major program of studies for the Semey State Medical University Kazakhstan thus we can’t leave the program without discussing its fee structure.

Here below we are listing the fee structure of the Semey Medical University for your consideration.

  • First Year Fee- $4550
  • Second Year Fee- $4550
  • Third Year Fee- $4550
  • Fourth Year Fee- $4550
  • Fifth Year Fee-$4550
  • Sixth Year Fee- Nil
  • Seventh Year Fee- Nil

This is the complete fee structure of the Semey State Medical University and as you can see there is no fee for the sixth and seventh year since these both are the internship years.

Facilities Provided by the Semey State Medical University

In the Semey Medical University, all the students are provided with the basic facilities, which are essential for them to keep their education going on without any kind of discomfort. As a student, you won’t feel a lack of any basic facilities on the campus of the University.

Here below we are listing down the major facilities of the University that you will get from this University.

  • 1. Library along with the internet facilities for the students.
  • 2. Spacious lecture halls so that students don’t feel a lack of space.
  • 3. Unisex hostels both for the boys and girls with the mess facilities
  • 4. Gym and the sports ground facilities.
  • 5. Medical facilities for the students to deal with any emergency
  • 6. Canteen and the other refreshments services.

Scholarship by the Semey State Medical University

There are several kinds of the scholarship program from the Semey State Medical University to all its students. There is the presidential scholarship program of the University which is offered to the students based on their performance in the academic studies, such as for the students who have secured A grade of excellence.

The other type of scholarship program is called the personal scholarship, which is based on the personal financial background of the students. We urge you to visit the campus of the University in order to have full information about the scholarship program.

You can also check the eligibility criteria of the University after visiting the campus so that you can apply for the program timely.

Placement and Scope for the Medical Programs of the Semey State Medical University

The Semey State Medical University is undoubtedly one of the prominent medical Universities of Kazakhstan. It holds its recognition not just in Kazakhstan but also at the International scale. The medical programs of the University are recognized and approved by the leading medical bodies of the world such as WHO, MCI etc.

No matter either you want to work as a doctor or start your own practice your medical degree would be having full value in both contexts thus you can pursue any kind of medical course from here without any fear.

Climate of the Semey State Medical University and Climate of Semipalatinsk

When a person is going to spend the next few years in some other region or the nation then it is always wise to make yourself aware of the climate of the nation. Here as you are going to spend the next 7 years in the Semipalatinsk region of Kazakhstan, thus you must be aware of the climate of this region.

Well, the climate of this region is very extreme in both seasons of summer and winter. The temperature in the winter can drop as low as -45 degrees and even in the summer the extreme temperature can reach as high as 45 degrees which are literally extreme. It has the average rainfall in the rainy season to put some ease on summer.

If we talk about the infrastructure of the city then there is the railway station, which joints Kazakhstan to Russia. The city also has an International airport and other decent infrastructure.

We urge you to contact the admission officials of the University in order to have any other information about the admission or anything else.

Below we are going to list down the contact details of University for your consideration.

Phone- +7 7222 52 22 51

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