If you are looking forward to pursuing medical courses such as the MBBS or Dentist program, then the Poltava State Medical University could be the best option for you in Ukraine.

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Poltava State Medical and Dental University was founded back in the year of 1921 and in the present scenario, it is considered to be among the best preferences of medical colleges in the Country of Ukraine, due to its exceptional level of education and an economical package of the fee.

Courses Offering by Poltava State Medical University


Poltava State Medical University, in particular, is known for its MBBS and Dental programs where MBBS is considered to be the top preferred program by the majority of the students.

The duration of the MBBS program is of 6 years which has been divided into the academics, and the internship period so that the students can study the academics first and then can practice the application of that academics knowledge.

Students will learn the various fields of medical science in the University such as the physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and anatomy etc.

Poltava State Medical University Fees and Scholarship

If we talk about the fee structure of the Poltava State Medical University, then you will be required to pay $8000 in the first year of the MBBS while in the next 5 years you will have to pay a sum of $4800 per year.

This fee structure can be simplified as below.

  • 1st Year-   $8000
  • 2nd Year-  $4800
  • 3rd Year-   $4800
  • 4th Year-   $4800
  • 5th Year-   $4800
  • 6th Year-   $4800

The above-mentioned fee structure doesn’t include the cost of living, and you can inquire about the cost of living by visiting the campus of the University.

Poltava State Medical University admission

Amenities and other facilities provided by Poltava State Medical University

Poltava State Medical University takes care of all its students and hence provides some basic amenities and the facilities to the students so that they don’t face any kind of difficulty during the studies. The amenities and the facilities include.

  • Two separate hostels for boys and girls.
  • Facility of the mess
  • Big lecture halls to give enough space to every student.
  • The big auditorium and the museums
  • Facilities of library and internet.
  • Students are also provided the hostel facilities.

Scholarship Program of the Poltava State University

You can apply for the scholarship program of the Poltava State Medical University if you belong to the financially weaker section of the students.

If you qualify all the scholarship criteria then you will be allocated the scholarship package to fund your fee for the medical program.

Scope and Climate of the Poltava State Medical University

If you are concerned about the scope of your medical degree after pursuing it from the Poltava State Medical University, then you must keep in your consideration that the medical program from this University such as MBBS is recognized by the WHO, MCI, GMC, and such other medical bodies.

You will have the full value of your degree after pursuing it from Poltava State Medical University.

Well if we talk about the climate of Ukraine where the Poltava State Medical University is located, then you will find an ideal temperature here for your studies.

Here the temperature in the winter falls even below 0 Degrees, while in the summer the temperature remains enjoyable. The rainy and the autumn season is also like typical seasons.

Placement of Poltava State Medical Dental University

Poltava State Medical University offers great opportunities to the students, who complete their medical education from the University.

After completing the education you will have decent chances to work in the hospitals of Ukraine or even you can get a job at the international level also.

Contact Details of the Poltava State Medical University

Here we are providing you the contact details to reach out the officials of the Poltava State Medical University and inquire about any query.

Contact Number – 38 073 468-67-99

Email ID-   admission@umsa.com.ua

Website-  www.umsa-poltava.com.ua


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