Our Lady Of Fatima University For Medical Education

Our Lady of Fatima is a private medical University which is located in the country of Philippines. It is the most prominent medical University of the Country with few branches in the cities of the Philippines.

Our Lady Of Fatima Medical University was established in the year of 1973 and presently the University is known as the best medical University in the country not only for the native Philippines citizens but also for the international students.

So, if you are planning to study the MBBS or any other medical course from this University then you should be going ahead with our article. Here you will get to know about the MBBS program of the University along with the other relevant information. Our Lady of Fatima is listed in MCI approved Medical college in Philippines.

Courses Offered by Our Lady of Fatima Medical University

Our Lady of Fatima is the top-notch medical educational offering University in the Philippines, and due to that there come not only the Philippines medical aspirants to study but also the international students.

The University offers almost all kinds of the bachelor and masters medical courses which include the BS in Nursing, BS in surgery, BS in Pharmacy, BS in Physical therapy and the MBBS/MD programs.

You can go ahead to the University and take the admission to study the desired medical program at the reasonable fee package.

MBBS Program from the Our Lady of Fatima Medical University

MBBS is the most famous and the subscribed program of the Our Lady of Fatima Medical University which attracts medical aspirants from all over the world. The duration of the MBBS program from this medical University is of 5 years and the medium of the study is English which makes it easier to the students to study the program without the barrier of the language.

Further, the MBBS program of the University conforms to the standards of WHO which enhances the overall value of this program anywhere in the world.

The MBBS program has been divided into the academics and the internship session very wisely where the students need to study the academics of medicine in the first 4 years and the last 1 year is given to the internship program.

The internship program of the University is conducted in the medical hospitals where students can get the exposure of applying their knowledge in the real terms.

Below we are providing you some subjects of studies, which you will study in the academics session of the MBBS program.

  • Human Anatomy
  • General Surgery
  • General Medicine
  • Biochemistry
  • Radiotherapy
  • Obstetrics
  • Orthopedics
  • Physiology, biophysics
  • Pediatrics
  • Gynecology etc.

Our Lady of Fatima University Fee Structure

Our Lady of Fatima University, Manila

Admission FeesOther Miscellaneous Expenses in India and the Philippines
500US$ (Non-Refundable)5000US$
BS program (2 Years) 3-semester Tuition Fee
1st semester (Paid to OLFU acc. Once admission letter is issued)2nd semester3rd semesterTotal
6000US$4000US$4000US$14000 US$
MD Program Tuition Fee –(After NMAT)
MD 1st Year (2 semesters)MD 2nd Year (2 semesters)MD 3rd Year (2 semesters)MD 4th Year (2 semesters)
USD 6400/Year or 448,000 INRUSD 6400/Year or 448,000 INRUSD 6400/Year or 448,000 INRUSD 6400/Year or 448,000 INR

Keep in your mind that the fee structure doesn’t include the other expenses which the students have to bear such as the hostel, mess, and other expenses.

Amenities and the other Facilities for the Students by the Our Lady of Fatima Medical University

It is obvious to understand that a student needs several kinds of basic facilities in the course of his/her studies so that the student doesn’t have to face any kind of discomfort while studying.

In a similar way, Our Lady of Fatima Medical University also offers several kinds of basic facilities to the students. Here below we are listing down the major of those.

  • Well furnished hostel for the students
  • Internet and the library facilities so that students can enhance their scale of knowledge
  • Mess facilities to provide healthy food.
  • Sports ground and the recreation clubs for the students.
  • Big and spacious lecture halls for the students so that they can study with their own space.
  • Separate hostel for the boys and girls to maintain the unisex studies atmosphere.

These are some of the major facilities which are provided by the University to the students, and overall the students get access to all kinds of facilities in the course of their studies.

Scholarship Program of the Our Lady of Fatima Medical University

Just like any other medical college the students who belong to the financially weaker section of the society are provided the scholarship program from the University.

You can visit the official website of the University and there go to the scholarship section to get the full information about the scholarship program of the University, and if you find yourself eligible then you can apply for the scholarship program.

The scholarship program of the Our Lady of Fatima Medical University can refund you the full or the partial fee package which will grant you great relief from the fee.

Advantages and Disadvantages to study MBBS from Abroad


Scope and Placement of the Our Lady of Fatima Medical University

As we have said at the beginning of the section that Our Lady of Fatima is the most prominent medical University of the Philippines. The medical degrees from the University holds value across all over the world as the MBBS and other such medical degrees are recognized by the WHO and other such medical bodies.

You can earn your degree from the University and then after clearing the screening exam of the concerned country, you can work as a doctor very easily or you can also start your own practice.

Climate of the Philippines and the Contact Number of the Our Lady of Fatima Medical University

As you are planning to study the MBBS program in the Philippines country then it’s better for you that you make yourself aware with the climate of the country. So, if we talk about the climate of the country and specifically for the Manila city, then here you will get to witness the tropical savanna climate which makes the winters very dry.

Generally, you will experience the hot temperatures in the city as the temperature here varies from 22 degrees to 34 degrees from the month of January to May and even hotter in the later months. August is all about the clouds and the monsoon and on the other hand, April is the clearest sky climate. Overall you won’t face any kind of difficulty spending your time in Manila, Philippines.

Further, if you are having any inquiries regarding the admission process or anything else then we urge you to reach the officials of the University.

Here in that regard, we are providing you the contact details of the University.
Phone- (632)-444-5938
Website- http://www.fatima.edu.ph/campus.php

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