List of MCI Approved Medical Colleges In Abroad

The medical profession is considered to be the noblest professions not only in India but anywhere in the world.  If you are willing to pursue your career in the medical profession then you must be aware with the MCI, which is a regulatory body of this noble medical profession in India.

MCI stands for the Medical Council of India and is a regulatory body of the medical profession in India. It sets the rules and regulations which are to be implemented by both medical hospitals and the medical educational institutions as well.

If you are willing to become a doctor in India and want to work in a hospital or want to start your own practice, then your medical degree must be recognized and approved by the MCI.

In India, all the medical educational institutions are recognized and approved by the medical council of India to provide medical education to the students and grant them medical degrees. After getting the medical degrees those students can start working in the hospitals as the doctors and can start their own practice as well.

When we talk about the relevance of MCI in the context of a medical degree from the abroad countries then the interventions of the MCI still prevails. If you are planning to pursue the medical courses from abroad countries such as the MBBS program or any other medical program, then you must check it that whether the concerned medical educational institution is approved by the MCI or not.

Any medical aspirant can study the medical courses from the abroad, but if the candidate wants to work as a doctor in India or wants to start medical practices in India then the medical degree must be approved by the MCI.

So, if you are planning to study MBBS from the abroad and looking for the MCI approved colleges in this regard then here we are providing you the list of MCI approved medical colleges from different countries below.

MCI Approved Medical Colleges In Abroad

  • Jimma Medical University ( Canada)
  • International Medical University (Cambodia)
  • Phillips University (Germany)
  • Semei State Medical University (Kazakhstan)
  • University of Turin (Italy)
  • Iran University of Medical Science and Research (Iran)
  • University of Hang Tuah ( Indonesia)
  • Texila American University ( Guyana)
  • New Vision University (Georgia)
  • University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
  • Medical University of Bahrain(Bahrain)
  • University of Vienna (Austria)
  • The University of Traditional Medicine ( Armenia)
  • University of Chittagong (Bangladesh)
  • St. Mary’s School of Medicine (Australia)
  • Higher Medical Institute (Bulgaria)
  • University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Romania)
  • Amur State Medical University (Russia)
  • University of California (United States)

These are some of the prominent medical universities around the world which are recognized and approved by the Medical Council of India.

You can study the MBBS or any other medical program from these medical Universities and such medical program will be having full value in India.

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