The Republic of Singapore is the sovereign island based nation that is located in Southeast Asia. It is also known as the island city-state since there is only one city in itself which is Singapore and it is as a whole known as the small independent country.22

As there is only one city in Singapore due to which the capital of the Nation remains the same as Singapore. It is made of several islets as many as 62, which makes the whole Nation ad made up of the one main island. 

Singapore is widely known due to its developed urbanized economy, in which the majority of the population belong to the upper-class family income. The country holds decent educational infrastructure in the various streams of education and attracts international students for studying purposes.

In the Indian context, there are a considerable amount of the students, who tend to opt their MBBS from Singapore due to the modern medical infrastructure of the country. 

We are in this article going to discuss the same topic of undertaking medical education from Singapore so that our fellow Indian medical aspirants can seek the relevant information from the article.


MBBS in Singapore

Singapore is although not a very famous destination for medical education among the Indian students, yet some aspirants wish to seek their admission in the country. The reason behind it is the strict admission criteria of the country due to which only a handfuls numbers of the aspirants become able to get into the medical institutions of Singapore. 

So, if you are having a strong academics score and some free budget to live in Singapore then you can surely go-ahead to study MBBS in Singapore.


Step by Step Admission Procedure in Singapore MBBS Colleges for Indian Students

In order to study medicine in Singapore, the students will be required to follow a specific admission procedure, as may be suggested by the medical institution of the country. 

Here the aspirants can check out the standard admission procedure of Singapore’s medical colleges.

  • The admission application in Singapore is accepted on an online basis from all the National and International candidates.
  • Candidates are advised to send their admission application within the admission window to the specific medical institution along with all the required documents.
  • Once the admission application is received then it will take some time from the institution to process the admission application.
  • The candidates who are shortlisted for the admission will be informed about the same on the behalf of the medical institution.
  • The shortlisted candidates will be eligible to make their application for the Student Visa to migrate to Singapore and attend their regular medical classes.


Eligibility Criteria for Medicine in Singapore for Indian Students

All the medical courses in Singapore have the specific admission eligibility criteria for the medical aspirants. Here we are mentioning the simplified admission eligibility criteria of MBBS from Singapore for the Indian students.

  • The candidate must have qualified the 10+2 exam from a well-recognized board of education in India with the compulsory subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • The minimum passing percentage in the 10+2 exam is 85% for the Indian students.
  • Further, the GAMSAT/MCAT exams are also required to study medicine in Russia.
  • IELTS/TOEFL is the mandatory language proficiency exam to check the language proficiency skills of the students.


Top MCI Approved Medical College/Universities in Singapore 

If you want to seek your medical admission into the MCI approved medical colleges of Singapore then here we are suggesting you the name of those medical institutions, which are approved by the Medical Council of India. 

  • Lee Kong Chain School of Medicine 
  • Duke NUS Medical School 
  • Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine 


Cost/Fee Structure of MBBS in Singapore

If you are wondering about the MBBS in Singapore fee, then you are at the correct section, as here we are going to give you an estimated idea about the MBBS fee structure of Singapore’s medical institutions for your easy reference.

Name of Medical College MBBS Fee Structure of Medical College
National Skin Centre 32,47,000 Per Year Tuition Fee
SGH Postgraduate Medical Institute 12,000,00 Per Year Tuition Fee
Academy of Medicine Singapore 27,000,00 Per Annum Tuition Fee
Duke NUS Graduate Medical School 28,000,00 Per Annum Tuition Fee
Academy of Medicine Singapore 27,000,00 Per Annum Tuition Fee

Scholarship Opportunities in Singapore’s MBBS Schools for Indian Students 

Well, there are not significant scholarship opportunities in Singapore’s medical colleges for the India students, since there are the least numbers of the medical students who are studying in Singapore. There is no such specific scholarship program in Singapore for the Indian students. However, there may be some small scale scholarship opportunities for Indian students to get some monetary relief. 

We urge the aspirants to consult the study counselors in order to have more accurate information regarding the scholarship, or they can visit the official website of the concerned medical college to seek the same information.

MBBS in Singapore Degree Recognition for Indian Students

Singapore is the country of modern medical infrastructure and the up to date medical education pattern always has a fascinating interest among the Indian students. The medical degree from Singapore is highly regarded in India as you can easily land upon the high paying medical professional jobs in the top medical institutions of the country. 

Further, it all depends upon the area of specialization for the student and on the basis of specialization, you can start your medical practice as well in India after clearing the MCI screening exam.

Visa Application Procedure for Indian Students in Singapore’s Medical Colleges

There is a very simple Visa application procedure for Indian students to study medicine in the country as a full-time student. 

Here we are simplifying this procedure for the consideration of all the students.

  • It is necessary to receive the admission application letter from the specific medical college of Singapore to become eligible for the Visa application.
  • You can address the Visa application directly to the medical college along with all the required documents.
  • The medical college/University will then send the Visa application to the immigration authorities of Singapore on the behalf of the student. 
  • It will be a matter of few days after which the student will be provided with their student Visa which can be collected either from the Singapore embassy in India or you take it as the Visa on arrival depending upon the policy of the medical college.


Hostel and Accommodation in MBBS Medical Schools in Singapore

As we have already mentioned that Singapore is one of the most developed Nation of Asia, which has the modern medical educational infrastructure to the students. 

The medical colleges of the country are well equipped with all the basic facilities which are necessary for the students in the course of their admission. 

Here are the basic facilities which you will receive in the medical schools of Singapore.

  • Hostel and the accommodation facilities for the students within the campus of the college.
  • Wi-Fi equipped classroom facilities for the proper internet surfing to the students.
  • Large and spacious classrooms/lecture halls.
  • Sports ground and the Gym facilities.
  • Medical library for the students in their research and academics.
  • Proper transportation facilities for the convenience of the students.
  • 24/7 medical and the Banking facilities etc. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the Dates for Applying into Singapore Colleges 2020-2021

The admission deadline for the majority of Singapore’s medical colleges is September, therefore, you are required to make your admission application before the same window each year.

2. What are the Job Opportunities After Studying in Singapore for Indian Students?

Indian students can get decent placement in both the private and the government medical institutions of India after their medical degree from Singapore.


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