The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is one of the top medical colleges of Russia for MBBS in Russia. It is ranked as the nation’s third-best college by the Ministry of Education of Russia after Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg State University. The Peoples’ Friendship University is one of the clinical colleges for Russia perceived by MCI, WHO, UK, USA, and other significant nations.

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It is the main college in the world consistently joining students from 145-150 nations. In excess of 77 thousand alumni of the University work in 170 nations, among them in excess of 5500 holders of Ph.D. and Doctorate degrees.

People’s Friendship University of Russia RANKING

World Rank: 924. As recorded by the Independent National University Ranking System in 2010 Peoples’ Friendship University is ranked as the fourth-best University of Russia among 104 Russian Universities. This Rating was distributed by International Information Agency INTERFAX. People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) college is extraordinary compared to other world-class colleges in Russia positioned by Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS world college Rankings and Round University Ranking.

MBBS Fees in People’s Friendship University of Russia (Fee structure 2020)

Education cost: 9500 US Dollars/Year = 6,65,000 INDIAN RUPEES PER YEAR
Lodging Fee: 1500 US Dollars/Year = 1,05,000 RUPEES PER YEAR
Complete FEES FOR 6 YEARS MBBS COURSE IN PFU MOSCOW= 66,000 USD = 46,20,000 INDIAN RUPEES (approx.)
BDS Course Tution: 9500 USD/Year = 6,65,000 Rs/ YEAR

People’s Friendship University of Russia Programs:

•           Engineering staff

•           Faculty of Science

•           Medical staff

•           Philological staff

•           Ecological staff

•           Faculty of Economics

•           Faculty of Law

•           Faculty of Humanitarian and sociologies

•           Institute of Hospitality business and the travel industry

•           Institute of World financial matters and business

•           Institute of Foreign dialects

•           Faculty of Refresher preparing for instructors of the Russian language.

The faculty in Health Care :

• Faculty of Dental Medicine

• Faculty of Nursing

• Faculty of Pharmacy

• Faculty of General Medicine

People’s Friendship University of Russia Admission Requirements :

Eligibility criteria

  • Least Percentage for MBBS in Peoples Friendship University – 50% in PCB
  • NEET Requirement – Yes With Qualifying Marks
  • IELTS/TOEFL – Not Required
  • Procedure Time for MBBS Admission in Peoples Friendship University -45-60 Days

The University enlists students on contract (expense installment) premise and on the grant premise also. All passageway methods are executed straightforwardly by the University Admission Board. The choice on conceding an outside up-and-comer is taken after a cautious assessment of the degree of general imprints.

Documents required for Admission:

1. Duplicate of identification

2. duplicate of a record on instruction with Russian interpretation

3. duplicate of the announcement of results (transcript) with Russian interpretation

To finish the enlistment up-and-comers (candidates) are required to:

1. Archive on training (unique with a witness)

2. proclamation of results (transcript, unique with messenger)

3. duplicate of an archive on training confirmed by a legal official with Russian interpretation

4. duplicate of identification (page with the photograph) confirmed by a legal official with Russian interpretation 5. 7 photographs (3×4)

People’s Friendship University of Russia Advantages

  • The college offers 15 best-obliged condos nearby for worldwide understudies. As indicated by their requirements they offer single and twofold rooms with all offices incorporates washing room, water radiator, forced air system, Internet, phone, furniture, and other fundamental things.
  • The educating and student quality in University incorporates 3000+ full time instructing staff.
  • Adequate library assets, a large number of books, computerized sources, satellite innovations, video and sound learning sources stretches out cutting edge information to the clinical understudies.
  • The college offers its own vehicle offices for all students on the grounds. Going around the city is simple for the students.

People’s Friendship University of Russia Campus

PFUR student grounds is the champ of the “Best grounds’ Moscow Mayor’s Prize. The college has likewise won the title “Best student Campus” at the all-Russia challenge. The grounds possess 50 hectares of land close to a huge park and has 27 structures, game and clinical resources, inns and shops.12 agreeable inns have comfortable rooms and very much involved kitchens. There is a TV and Internet in each room. At the removal of understudies are Laundromats, dry-cleaners, ateliers and excellence salons. All structures are a mobile separation structure one another.

The site of the University Campus is fenced. The electronic door pass framework is carefully kept up. Guests permitted being recognized. Neighborhood Police station and the Department of Internal Security command over open request and control. Contemporary Fire Prevention framework is being applied to all premises of the University.

People’s Friendship University of Russia Student life

To make students life agreeable at the University, University offers the courses of action for vaulting, handball, b-ball and football grounds. Tennis courts and pools are likewise open on the grounds. An International mail station, a phone place, a strip mall, a few cafés offering dishes of national food of various nations, a universal student social focus, and a PC community are arranged inside the grounds.

People’s Friendship University of Russia Facilities

  • PFUR Campus comprises of 13 squares of understudy inns lodging more than 7 000 PFUR understudies and graduate understudies. PFUR grounds has everything for agreeable life: removal laundries, dry-cleaning and different ateliers, hairstyling parlor and hairdressing cantinas, stores and shops, post-office, banks. Unique perusing rooms are accommodated a superior groundwork for examines.

After talks and considers and on days-off students can unwind and invest energy with companions at various bistros and cafés. There are a lot of them: African, Chinese, Arab, Indian, Georgian – they might be found in each inn square, more than 20 on the whole.

  • The University is additionally sharp about its students Security. Attributable to the checkpoint framework and nonstop video supervision over the grounds region nothing may prevent understudies’ happy with living.
  • The Central Library has written with about 2,500.000 volumes in numerous unknown dialects just as particular libraries at the resources and is of free access to students. Toward the start of the term, students get books at the personnel’s library and can likewise uninhibitedly visit the happy with understanding corridors and web classes at whatever point they need it.
  • People’s friendship college of Russia deals with student’s and instructors’ wellbeing. It offers clinical support inside the free medical coverage to all the students, who get qualified clinical help with the facility of the PFUR Medical focus consistently. Clinical focus representatives are building up their aptitudes at the workforce of Refresher preparing for social insurance experts.

Why Study People’s Friendship University?

  • Today Peoples’ Friendship University (RUDN) is one of the main state higher instructive establishments of Russia. It is the main college on the planet consistently joining students from 140-150 nations.
  • People groups’ Friendship University (RUDN) has a multi-profile structure of resources and majors, run of the mill for traditional colleges of the world. In excess of 77 thousand alumni of the University work in 170 nations, among them in excess of 5500 holders of Ph.D. furthermore, Doctorate degrees. Authorities are set up in 62 majors and lines of study. In excess of 29 thousand alumni and postgraduate students from 140 nations are presently learning at the college. They speak to in excess of 450 countries and nationalities of the world. Welcome to contemplate PFU, Moscow.
  • People groups’ Friendship University has students from 145-150 nations marks it out as an exceptionally respectable instructive establishment, whose recognitions make graduates serious in the work advertise in this way allowing them to become state and political figures, individuals and leaders of their administrations and parliaments. The time spent at the college doesn’t just give proficient information, abilities of working in a worldwide group and capability in a couple of unknown dialects regardless of what significant students pick.
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