MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is counted as cheaper and an ideal educational destination for Indian students and International students as well. MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan provides quality education with all the advanced facilities and trained teaching faculties. MBBS fee structure in Kyrgyzstan is cheaper than other countries. Also, the living cost is cheaper than any other country. Students can have good quality food at very convenient charges. The Medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan offer a six years MBBS courses at minimum fee structure than any other country. The first five years are dedicated to the practical knowledge and theory of medical science. The last year is dedicated to the training and internship from the affiliated hospital in Kyrgyzstan. There are many good universities in Kyrgyzstan that offer the degree of MBBS, MD, and other medical-related courses.

The Medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan have approval from various countries’ medical council of India etc. Also, the World Health Organization and UNESCO have approved these medical colleges. Students from Nepal, India, China, Bangladesh other countries come here to study MBBS at an affordable fee. The education quality of these medical institutes attracts students from across the world. The students who are graduate from the medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan are eligible to sit for the screening test of USMLE, MCI, PLAB, etc. Students who have an MBBS degree from the Medical institutes of Kyrgyzstan can work anywhere in the world.

The students and teacher ratio is 15:1, it means students can clear their doubts directly with teachers and enhance medical knowledge. To get MBBS Admission in Kyrgyzstan students have to fulfil the admission eligibility criteria. At least 50% marks are mandatory in the 12th exam with Physics, chemistry and Biology as main stream.     

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at a glance

Academy Calendar Starts October
Mark sheet of 12th exam Yes
Main Subjects in 12th examPhysics, Chemistry, Biology
Fee structure per Year4000 USD to 6500 USD per Year
Hostel living Fee220 USD to 270 USD
Language MediumEnglish language
MBBS Duration6 Years (5+1 Internship)
Approved ByMCI and WHO
IELTS & TOEFLNo required
Living Cost in Kazakhstan10 to 15 thousands/months

Know about the Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is located in central Asia and follows a democratic system. The nature has awarded beautiful climate and scenes inside its borders. The national language of Kyrgyzstan is Kyrgyz but some people also use the Turkish language. Kyrgyzstan shares its border with China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. The national Capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek. This country was once a part of the Soviet Union but got disconnected later on. The total population of the country is 6,019,480 and the time zone is UTC + 6.  The temperature is pleasant but during July, the temperature will be 28 degrees and during winter January temperature is -18 degrees.

Why Indian Students should Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan offers affordable MBBS education to the students coming from across the country with a healthy education system developed by the central government of Kyrgyzstan. The medical universities are equipped with all the latest facilities to enhance the knowledge of students.  Apart from the facilities, the necessary amenities are available for students. The University campus is well planned and having a world-class infrastructure. The campus provides the chance to develop skills with practical activities.

These reasons attract Indian medical students to study MBBS from Kyrgyzstan. Not only Indian students but students from Nepal, China, Bangladesh, and other neighbor countries are coming here to study MBBS in top medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan. Apart from campus facilities, the degree awarded by the medical colleges of this country is recognized across the globe. This feature of Kyrgyzstan makes this country an Ideal place to study.

Advantages to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

  • Cheaper Tuition fee- Every medical student wants to study MBBS from a well-named medical college, but the fee structure becomes the main hurdle in that. In this case, students can study in Kyrgyzstan medical colleges. These are the perfect option for medical studies at affordable studies.
  •  No donation- MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan is a no donation thing. Yes, you don’t need to pay extra penny except of the fee structure.
  • Direct admission- Students can get direct admission in these colleges.
  • Easy Student VISA approval –  Candidates must have to get a valid study or Study VISA, which will be issued by the ministry of External affairs of Kyrgyzstan. The student visa will be approved easily and quickly.
  • Worldwide recognized- The Medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan have approval of some top organization in the world, which are working in the health sector. This is the main reason behind it the degree of these institutes is recognized worldwide. It means you can get an MBBS degree at cheaper fee structure and can job in any county you want.

Quick advantages for International students to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

  • No Entrance test required
  • Without paying extra than fee you can study well
  • Indian students are on the large scale
  • Advanced medical training to enhance the capability of Students
  • Increased scope after completing MBBS from Kyrgyzstan
  • World-leading education for MBBS studies.
  • Students can practice in any private clinic inside the country
  • Natural beauty
  • Good accommodation facilities in College Hostels
  • Indian Mess and Good quality food
  •  Many Indian professor to guide Indian students throughout the sessions
  • No language barriers
  • MCI screening test training
  •  Kyrgyzstan is cheaper than any other big countries like USA, UK etc.
  • Good passing percentage in FMGE exam conducted by the Medical council of India.
  •   On campus hostel facilities
  • Gym and Hospital Facilities
  • Good students and teacher ratio so that students can clear the study doubts
  •  Candidates get the training of upcoming medical challenges
  • Advanced Library, laboratories, to enrich medical Challenges.
  •  International seminars and events are being organized by the University  on regular Basic
  •  No need of IELTS & TOFEL
  •  Cheap and easy transportation in India.
  •  Scholarship program

MBBS admission Eligibility Criteria of Kyrgyzstan

 Admission eligibility criteria of Kyrgyzstan are not so confusing.  Students must need to fulfill it. There are no any other options to get MBBS admission in this country. If any candidate didn’t follow it then MBBS admission will not take place for them. They will be disqualified.

Age Requirements- The students shall complete the age 17 years. If student is going to apply this year then he/she should turn 17 years old at 31 December this year.

Education requirements-   Candidates must have the qualification of 12th board pass with a percentile of 50% for general category. The main subjects should be Physics, Biology and Chemistry from a valid board (ICSE, CBSE and state Board). However, the SC, ST and OBC candidates will get 10% exempt in 12th board exam. If candidates have qualified these requirements then they are eligible for admission in MCI approved colleges in Kyrgyzstan.

NEET Scorecard- After the notification issued by the Medical Council of India, Each candidate has to pass the NEET exam if they want to pursue an MBBS from India or aboard.  

MBBS Admission procedure in Kyrgyzstan

  • MBBS candidates must have to apply through the official sites of University
  • Now, Candidates have to fill the application form with proper manner and accuracy
  • Submit the scanned copy of required documents of the candidate
  • Apply for the passport along with the required documents
  • Now after all the steps, student will get the admission invitation letter from your university within next 15 days
  • Pay the fee of university by online method and take printout of receipt.
  • If you have completed all the above steps then now you should apply for the study or student VISA.
  • Contact the Kyrgyzstan Embassy for the further process
  • All the process has been done, Now catch the flight of Kyrgyzstan.

 Important Details MBBS students should know about MBBS Kyrgyzstan

  1. The Medical university of Kyrgyzstan offers really quality based education
  2. Students can take direct admission
  3. More than 6000 Indian students are studying in this country
  4. No safety or security issues for any International student
  5. Students need not to give any money except for the fee.
  6. Low living cost
  7. Awesome accommodation facilities for Indian students to live
  8.  Local people celebrated Indian festivals here.
  9. Special training for Indian students to pass the MCI screening test
  10.  Good quality Indian food.

Required documents to get MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan         

  1. Students need to carry a valid photo ID approved by the government. (Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card etc)
  2. Birth Certificate of Candidate
  3. The Confirmation letter or Invitation letter sent by the college.
  4. Students must have a valid Student VISA approved by the external affairs minister
  5. Scanned copy of the mark sheet of 10th and 12th
  6. No objection certificate is required to be submitted by the candidate
  7. Latest colored passport sized photographs
  8. Bank statement of parents to understand the fund status of the candidate
  9. Passport with a validity of 18 months
  10.  NEET Score card
  11.  Letter by Ministry of External Affairs of India to the candidate
  12. Medical report

MCI approved Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan

  1. International School of Medicine(ISM)
  2. Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy
  3. Osh State University
  4. Asian Medical UNIVERSITY
  5. Jalal-Abad State Medical University

  MBBS Fee structure in Kyrgyzstan   

International School of Medicine(ISM)  28,450 USD
Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy  22,500 USD
Jalal-Abad State Medical University  22,500 USD
Asian Medical UNIVERSITY  27,500 USD
Osh State University  22,500 USD

Some top universities for Indian students

  1. International School of Medicine(ISM)

International school of Medicine Kyrgyzstan holds a good rank in the list of good medical universities in Kyrgyzstan. It attracts students from across the world. The University has approval from top organization in the world. The University is situated in the capital of Bishkek. However, to get admission students need to fulfill the admission eligibility criteria. NEET exam is mandatory for Indian students.

Kyrgyzstan state medical Academy was established in 1939 and one of the oldest university. It is the most considered college of the country. Many top organization of Medical academy like FAIMER, WHO, NZREX and many other organizations have given approval. The advanced library of the university consists more than 4,00,000 books to study.    

Osh State University was established in 1954 and has approval from WHO, MCI, AMEE and much other organization. Students need to fulfil the eligibility criteria to get admission in the university. Physics, Chemistry and Biology should be the main subjects with a percentile of 50% marks in 12th board. The study duration will be 6 of 6 years including one-year internship. 

Asian Medical Institutes was established in 1954 and recognized by Medical council of India, World Health Organization and few other medical organization. The medical institute is known for its top quality education and no language barrier. Many Indian students are studying here at very minimal fee structure.  The annual fee will be around 3 to thousand US dollar per year.   

  • Jalal-Abad state Medical University

        The university offers 6 years study program including one year internship. Jalalabada state Medical University was established in 1954 and have approval from Medical council of India and other countries also world health organization. The last day to apply for the admission in the university is August, 2020. Annual fee of this university is 6000 us dollar.

Important points of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

  •  Students will never feel any language barrier
  • Advanced classroom
  • Some universities teach with bilingual methods
  • Medical Council of India approved the medical colleges of this country
  • Many Indian students are studying in medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan
  • Students can study UG and PG both the courses in the field of Medical
  • Good percentile of MCI acceptance
  • Indian embassy in Kyrgyzstan and Medical council of India have good connection

Process of Student VISA for Kyrgyzstan

  • After getting the admission invitation letter from college you can apply for it.
  • Apply properly and fill all the details asked for
  • Collect and arrange all the required documents for the VISA process
  • In  the mean time student needs to pay the fee of University and take a print out
  •  Passport with a validity of 18 months, passport size photograph, application of VISA,  and admission invitation letter are the documents you need to apply for the VISA in Kyrgyzstan

Facts that should know about Kyrgyzstan

  • Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan
  • Language to be spoken in the country are Kyrgyz and Russian
  • Minimum temperature will be 3.2 degree and maximum will be 32 degrees
  • Travel to Delhi to Kyrgyzstan takes 4 hours by air
  • 60 lakhs is the population of the country

Here List of Private Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan

If you are looking for the best medical college in Kyrgyzstan from where you can study MBBS or other medical programs, then here we are going to list some of the available Private medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan.

Scholarship for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Those students who belong to a family that has weak financial conditions and felling issues while paying the fee of MBBS Courses, there is good news for you. The medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan are now offering scholarships up to 100% of fees. Scholarship for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan will now attract more students from various corners of the world. 

Top medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan are now offering scholarship programs to international students who are coming to study here. Apart from colleges, the government also provides support financially in the form of Aid.

To get this scholarship, students need to fulfill the requirements of the scholarship. The first step is to apply for a scholarship and if you will be eligible for it then for sure you will get benefits of the scholarship. You can check the information about the applicable scholarship program at the concerned medical college’s website.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Everything has two sides, either advantages or disadvantages. Benefits of Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan you have gone through, now here are disadvantages to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

  • Language barrier- Students who come here to study MBBS usually face an issue of language barrier. To survive here you need to learn either Russian or Kyrgyz. As, the people of this nation understand only these two languages.
  • Lack of Modern Infrastructure- yes, most of Medical institutes do not have modern infrastructure. So choose college wisely.
  • Never get enrolled in tier 2 or tier 3 universities-  These medical colleges do not have good teaching team so they do not offers a quality education which you need.

Low cost MBBS College in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is famous in the world for providing world-class medical education in the field of Medical. Low-cost MBBS College in Kyrgyzstan has approval from the Medical Council of India, WHO, etc. So if you are searching to get MBBS admission in a top medical college in low-cost fee then Kyrgyzstan will be an ideal option for you.

Top Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan

Students from all corners of the world, including India, Come here to get admission in low-cost medical universities. Top Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan have good infrastructure and approval from the medical council of various countries.

  1. Osh State university
  2. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
  3. Asian Medical Institute
  4. Jalal Abad State University
  5. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University 

Living cost in Kazakhstan

  1. It’s not an expensive country to live
  2. Good food for a year is available at 200 Us dollar
  3. Living cost will charge you around 410 to 600 Us dollar
  4. Hostel fee is 500 US Dollar
  5. Insurance will be available at 250 US Dollar annually

   MBBS IN Krgyzstan FAQS

Que -For studying in medical college in Kyrgyzstan offers scholarship?

Ans- The University administration offers the scholarship to talented students.

Que- Is Kyrgyzstan is good option for Indian students?

Ans- There are many advantages to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Here you can get admission in top universities at very affordable fee structure. Also, you can practice in India after completing the MBBS degree.

Que- Can I work part time during my MBBS studies in this country?

Ans- Yes, you can work part-time during holidays here.  but students need to get work permit from the immigration department.

Que -Academic calendar starts in?

 Ans- September is the month when the academic calendar starts for MBBS studies.

Que- What is the cost of light ticket to travel Kyrgyzstan?

Ans-  Around 30 thousand to 50 thousand rupees it will cost you to but the flight ticket from Delhi to Kyrgyzstan.

     Que- Why Indian students should study in Kyrgyzstan?

Ans- It will provides you the chance to study in top medical universities at very low tuition fee and also students can practice in India after completing the MBBS degree from here.

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