Well if you are an Indian student or any other Asian continent citizen and seeking the best yet the economical country to pursue your MBBS Then China is the best option available for you.

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Pursuing MBBS from China is less costly than pursuing the MBBS from the United States or the United Kingdom country and it also holds universal recognition.

Why study MBBS in China?

If you can’t afford to pursue the MBBS from the developed and the prominent countries like the United States or other European countries then China has the opening doors for you.

list of Medical Colleges in China

Pursuing the MBA from China holds global recognition which means you can start the practice as a doctor anywhere in the world after passing out the concerned medical norms of the country.

Fees structure and Eligibility 2019-20 for MBBS in China

As we have already said that pursuing the MBBS from China is one of the most economical packages of pursuing the MBBS. The average cost of pursuing the MBBS from China stands approx $5000/year USD which is 30000 RMB in the Chinese currency.

The eligibility criteria of pursuing MBBS from China require a candidate with a minimum of 60% marks in the PCB 12th grade stream. This criteria of the marks percentage may differ from one media college to the other.

MBBS in China Eligibility

Well, what you are going to love about pursuing the MBBS from China is the eligibility criteria. You can take admission in MBBS China if you have secured 50% of the marks in class 12th of PCB grade.

Further, there are no maximum age eligibility criteria to pursue the MBBS from China which is generally the bar when it comes to pursuing the MBBS from other countries.




Fees of MBBS in China

China is the country of possibilities with an extremely advanced infrastructure in the world. If you are choosing to pursue the MBBS From China then it is going to be your best decision.

medical colleges fee structure in china

The fee of MBBS in China is the most admired factor as the County offers the MBBS at very economical prices. The average fee of pursuing the MBBS from China is $5000/year which can go up to the maximum of $8500 per annum for the expensive medical colleges in Shanghai.

MBBS in China fees structure 2019

MBBS in China fees structure 2019 averagely stands about  $5000/year for most of the medical colleges, however for some of the most advanced medical colleges the fees structure may reach as far as $9000/year.

You can check the fees structure of your desired medical college or the university by reaching the official website of the college or university.

Scholarships for MBBS in China

There are two kinds of scholarship which are provided both to the Chinese students and the international students as well. The scholarship is awarded both from the Centralized Chinese government and also from the Chinese local government.



The scholarship is provided to the weaker sections of the students who are planning to pursue the MBBS. You can check the eligibility criteria for the scholarship by reaching the official website of the concerned medical college.

China MBBS Entrance Exam

This is the frequently asked question from the plenty of students that whether the students are required to undergo an entrance exam to take the admission for MBBS in China.

Well, there is good news for those candidates as the majority of the China medical university conducts no entrance exam in order to offer MBBS education in China. If you are a non-Chinese citizen then you will be required to take all your documents in order to prove your nationality to pursue MBBS in China.

China medical college admission 2019

As the year 2019 is about to approach, China medical college admission 2019 for MBBS for the new session of 2019 is also going to be started. You are advised to finalize your desired college, from where you want to pursue your MBBS and then complete all the formalities by visiting the medical college at the time to get admission in China medical college.

list of Low cost medical colleges in china

MBBS in China at lowest package 2019

China is already known for its lower packages MBBS medical course offering both for the Chinese and the international students, yet if you are seeking for the medical colleges which can offer you MBBS in the lowest package, then here we are suggesting you few names.

  • JILIN University

JILIN is the well known medical university in China for its lowest MBBS packages offering. You can pursue MBBS from here at a very limited budget.

  • NANJING Medical University

This is the other medical university in China from where you can take up the MBBS program at the lowest package.

  • HUAZHONG University of Science and Technology

HUAZHONG is a famous medical university in China for the stream of medical and science. It offers the MBBS program at a very lower package in China.

TIANJIN University is the other name of the medical university known for the low package MBBS program.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in China

The cost is one of the primary factors of advantage that you may get if you pursue MBBS from China but there are several other advantages too, which we are listing here. Pursuing the MBBS from China is recognized by almost all the countries in the world, hence you don’t need to bother yourself about the scope of pursuing MBBS from China.

Further, in China, the candidates don’t have to take up any entrance exam to get admission into any college in China which is very relieving for all the candidates.

The eligibility criteria of maximum age are also not there, for the China medical colleges, which means you can pursue MBBS from China at any age.

Disadvantages of Pursuing MBBS in China

Other than the tons of advantages of pursuing the MBBS from China there are few Disadvantages too of pursuing the MBBS from China. Here are the major of them

  • If you are pursuing MBBS from China then you are bound to learn the Chinese language in order to have the proper interaction capabilities.
  • In the hospital of China the international students are not allowed to touch the Chinese patients they are only allowed to observe the patients.
  • Most of the times the training is conducted on the dummy bodies and not on the real dead bodies.

advantages of study MBBS in China

List of Medical Colleges in China recognized by MCI

Here is the list of major medical colleges which are approved and recognized by the MCI in China.

List of Private Medical Colleges in China

Here is the list of private medical college in China


Top 20 Medical Colleges in China

For your concern here we are providing you the list of top 20 college medical colleges in China


MCI approved MBBS colleges in china

China Medical (MBBS) College

China is known for its amazing innovative medical system and the infrastructure and it is also known for its economical offering of the MBBS medical course to the students around the world.

So, if you are willing to pursue MBBS from the China medical college then you can take the information about all China medical college from the Internet and then can apply in the desired medical college for the MBBS.

Medical (MBBS) College in China

China is having plenty of MBBS colleges which are world famous for their noble contribution in the field of medicine.

MBBS college in China are known across the world for their best, yet the most economical MBBS program which the candidate around the globe takes by getting admission in the China Medical colleges.



Best MBBS College in China

There are plenty of medical colleges in China which offer a decent program of MBBS courses. Here we are providing you with some of the prominent names of the medical college in China.

Low-Cost MBBS Colleges in China

China is known for its lowest package MBBS Colleges and here we are providing the list of those low-cost colleges.

  • Guangzhou Medical University

The fee of this medical university is around 90000 RMB in Chinese currency which includes the other charges such as tuition and the hostel fees.

  • Nantong University

You will need to pay approx 30000 RMB for the MBBS in this university which doesn’t include the hostel fees

  • Soochow University

Soochow University charges an approximate figure of 80000 RMB as its MBBS fees.

  • Ningbo University

You would be required to pay 30000 RMB per year as the MBBS fees which doesn’t include other charges such as the hostel fees

  • Southeast University

SOUTHEAST University charges approx 70000 to 80000 RMB per year fees of MBBS including all the other charges.

  • Sichuan University

You will need to pay 60000 to 70000 RMB as MBBS fees to the SICHUAN University.

Geography, Population and the Land Area of China

China is the most populous country in the world which is located in the eastern Asian continent with a population of around 1.04 billion. The land area of China covers 960000 square km.

There is significant diversity found in the climate of China. The weather of China consisted of four typical kinds of weathers. The temperature of China can go down up to the -10 degree and on the upper scale it can reach up to the 40+ degree in summer.

Capital, Language and the Currency of China

Beijing is the capital of China and Shanghai is the largest city in the country. Mandarin is the official language of China which is spoken on a massive scale in China, however, in the present scenario the English language is also gaining popularity in China. RENMINBI is the official currency of China.

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