Bashkir State Medical University is a well known and highly recognised medical University of Russia, which is also known as the classical University of the country.It is one of the oldest Universities of the country in the domain of science and medical education and which offers the global education to the aspirants.

The University was established in the year of 1909 in the state of Bashkortostan and offers the global programs to the aspirants.This University is considered to be the home for the majority of Russian mathmaticians,scientists,and economists etc and in the Indian context the University is considered to be the top most priority for the Indian candidates. 

So, if you are an Indian medical aspirant and want to know about the Bashkir State Medical University admission process along with the other information then we are going to help you in that through this of our article. 

We just urge you to go through the entire article in order to have the access of all such information which will greatly help you in the process of admission.


Course in Bashkir State Medical University 

Well, as we have already stated above in the article that the University offers the wide range of the medical and science domain programs both in the graduate and in the post graduate streams, therefore you can choose any of your desired program from the catalogue of the University.

 Here we are listing down the top programs of the University for your consideration. 


  • Faculty of General Medicine  
  • Faculty of Dentistry 
  • Faculty of Pharmacy 
  • Faculty of Sports Medicine  
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies  
  • Faculty of Foreign Students  
  • Faculty of Nursing and Higher Education  
  • Faculty of Pre University Education  
  • Clinical Psychology Faculty 

MBBS in Bashkir State Medical University 

There is no doubt in the recognition of the fact that MBBS from Bashkir State Medical University is the top sought program of the University, which is subscribed by the majority of the students who are willing to look forward to study in the University. 

The same scenario is applicable in the context of India medical aspirants since the majority of them opt this medical University, when it comes to study the MBBS from the foreign medical University. 


MBBS from this medical University has the span of 6 years which is very common for the programs like MBBS and it includes the 1 year of internship program in the same duration. 

The University offers the excellent standard of medical education to the students along with the quite decent exposure of the internship program, which checks and enhance the practical knowledge of medicine and the surgery skills of the students. 

You will get the highly qualified faculty in the University for the each subject of the program, so that you don’t face any difficulty in the course of your program. 


MBBS Fee Structure of Bashkir State Medical University 


Before you make up your mind to study MBBS in Russia it is always advisable to you that you should be aware with the Bashkir State Medical University MBBS fee, since it is the major aspect of the admission process. 

So, if you are wondering about the fee of this University then you can check out the details MBBS fee structure of the University for your consideration.


Bashkir State Medical University MBBS Fee Structure
Tuition Fee $3500 USD Per Year
Hostel Fee $1000 USD Per Year
Cost of Living  $150-$250 Per Month


MBBS Application Form 

There are many students who might be looking for the Bashkir State Medical University MBBS admission process, so that they can easily make their admission application into the University.

Here in this section of the article we are going to discuss about the application form and process of the admission. 


  • First of all the candidate are advised to visit the official website of the University where the candidate can find the admission application form. 
  • After that the candidate is advised to fill the application form and attach all the required documents then submit the form to the University. 
  • Be patient for some time until you receive the admission acceptance letter from the University and once you receive the acceptance letter then you can fulfill the other admission formalities.  
  • You can later apply for the students visa which will be issued by the Russian embassy in India. 
  • Once you have your Visa then you can just fly to Russia to attend the regular classes.

Admission Eligibility Criteria of Bashkir State Medical University MBBS 


Bashkir State Medical University Admission eligibility is the core criteria of admission into the University, which should be checked out by every admission seeker candidate. 

Here we are mentioning the full admission eligibility criteria of the University for the reference of those aspirants.


  • Candidate must be having the minimum qualification of 10+2 from a recognised board of education in the subjects of physics,chemistry and biology. 
  • There must be minimum of 50% passing marks aggregate of the candidate in the 10+2 exam. 
  • IELTS/TOEFL are required for the language proficiency of the candidates.
    Indian students must be having the NEET qualification certificate.  

Bashkir State Medical University MBBS Highlights 


Well, if you want to have an apparent highlight of MBBS in Bashkir State Medical University, then here you can check out the overview of the University for the MBBS program. 


  • Name of Program- Bachelor in Medicine&Bachelor in Surgery(MBBS) 
  • Duration of Program- 6 Years 
  • NEET Requirements- Yes for the Indian Students  
  • IELTS/TOEFL- Yes,required  
  • MBBS Admission Processing Time- 50/60 Days  
  • Tuition Fee of MBBS in Bashkir State Medical University- $3500 Per Year 
  • Cost of Living- $150-250 Per month 
  • Medium of Education- English  
  • Recognition of MBBS Program- MCI,WHO,UNESCO 

Climate of Russia& Contact Information of Bashkir State Medical University 


It is our special request to all the users to make themselves aware with the climate of Russia, before they make their mind to study MBBS in Russia since the climate of the country may vary from the climate of your current region. 


Further talking about the climate of Russia which varies from the one region of the other, therefore we are specifically going to discuss about the climate of Bashkortostan for the sake of our article. The climate of the state is quite harsh or extreme for the Indian students as the region is prone to the cold environment. 

If we talk about the average temperature of this region then it may set around 0.4 degrees to 2.5 degree on an average basis and temperature may further fall to -16 or even lower than that in the month of winters. The average temperature during the summer July can be witnessed around 16 degrees which hardly surpass than this parameter. 

The climate contains the cold breezes and you will notice that the public transport of the region use the inbuilt heaters. So, as a matter of conclusion the climate is the subject matter for the students rest everything is fine in the country.


Here we are dropping down the contact information of Bashkir State Medical University where you can reach them to resolve your other queries.




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