Lviv National Medical University which is formally known as the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University is the largest medical University of Ukraine. It also has the tag as one of the oldest Universities of Ukraine and is located in the region of Lviv(Ukraine).

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The University was basically established in the year of 1784 and is the leading medical University, which offers decent medical courses to the aspirants around the world. This is the reason why the MBBS aspirants often seek their admission into the University due to the standard of education and the affordable fee structure.

Today in this article we would discuss the various aspects of the Lviv National Medical University, which would help you in knowing it from the closer view. It would help you in making your analysis for the University so that you can pursue your own course of medical studies.

Courses Provided by Lviv National Medical University

Well, if you are living in Ukraine and are looking for the decent option of studying the MBBS, then Lviv National Medical University can be a decent option for you. The University offers almost all kinds of medical courses just like any other developed country’s medical institution.

Here below are the courses that you can study from this University.


2- Bachelor of Dental Surgery

3- Nursing

4- Diploma in Forensic Medicine

5- Public Health Diploma

6- Psychological Medicine Diploma

7- Community Medicines

Other Doctor of Medicine Courses

MBBS Program of Lviv National Medical University

MBBS is the most sought and the subscribed program of the Lviv National Medical University which is pursued not just by the native aspirants but also by the foreign aspirants as well.

The duration of the course is almost 6 years just like the usual length where the 5 years have been set for the academic studies and the last 1 year is about the internship session.

The internship is held at the medical hospitals where aspirants get the chance to test their medical knowledge on the real aspects.

Here is the major domain of MBBS studies that you will study in the course.

– General Medicine&Surgery

– Human Anatomy

– Biochemistry

– Orthopedics

– Obstetrics

– Psychiatry

– Physiology&Anesthesiology

– Radiotherapy

– Pediatrics

– Gynecology

– Ophthalmology

So, these are the major course of studies that will be studied by the students in their MBBS course in this medical institution.

Lviv National Medical University Fees Structure For MBBS

The fee structure is the important aspect that we all consider before taking the decision of pursuing the MBBS from any institution.

So, if you are looking for the MBBS fee structure of the Lviv National Medical University then you can get it from here.

– First Year Fee- $8500

– Second Year Fee- $ 5100

– Third Year Fee- $5100

– Fourth Year Fee- $5100

– Fifth Year Fee- $5100

– Sixth Year- $5100

Kindly note that the above-mentioned fee structure doesn’t include the cost of tuitions and the living cost as well. Aspirants would be required to pay for that in the addition of the fee structure.

Facilities and Amenities Provided by the Lviv National Medical University

We all know that medical students need several kinds of basic facilities in the course of their studies so that they can finish it without any discomfort. This is the reason why all the MBBS aspirants look for one such medical institution where they can be provided with all such facilities.

In the Lviv, the students are offered with all such facilities so that they can carry their studies with the utmost convenience.

Here are the basic facilities that you will get here.

– Internet along with the library facilities to explore the mines of knowledge.

– Spacious lecture halls for enough space.

– Hostel and the mess facilities

– 24/7 medical facilities

– Canteen and other refreshment facilities

– Gym and the sports club facilities.

The above-mentioned facilities will make sure that the students don’t lack the sense of convenience to them.

Scholarship Provided by Lviv National Medical University

There are many MBBS aspirants around the world who want to study this course but can’t afford the fee. As we know that MBBS fee is very high which generally can’t be afforded by the majority of the aspirants, and thus the scholarship program can assist such aspirants who can’t afford their fee.

The scholarship program of the University has been designed to be based on the merit of the students and also on the financial background. You can check the eligibility criteria and the quantum of the scholarship by visiting the campus of the institution, as there is not much information available on the web regarding the scholarship program.

Scope & Placement of Lviv National Medical University

We all aspire that we can pursue the MBBS from the well recognized medical University or the college, which provides us the full value of a degree and thus we accordingly make our research in this context.

Well, if you have made up your mind to study the MBBS from the Lviv National Medical University, then you don’t need to think more about the scope and the placement aspects of this University.

It is a well known medical University not just in Ukraine but around the whole world. All the major medical bodies of the world recognize this University, and thus you will get the full value of your medical degree after earning it from the Lviv National Medical University.

Climate of Lviv and the Contact Information of Lviv National Medical University

Climate is the very first aspect which comes in the first place to be considered while planning to stay in any other country. If you are a Non-Ukraine resident and want to study MBBS living there then you must be aware of the climate of the country so that you can accordingly take your decision of going there.

The climate of Lviv (Ukraine) is a very typical eastern European style where you will face the warm summers and the cold winters. In the season of winter, you can get the average temperature nearly -3 degrees while in the season of summer the average temperature may be around 20 to 23 degrees, which is still considered favorable in the comparison of many other Asian countries.

The summer in this region of Ukraine is still considered as the mild nature, and thus it won’t be problem spending the summer while the winter may be a tough season for the students who don’t come from the alike climate.


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