Kyiv Medical University is the most oldest private medical University of Ukraine, which was established back in the year of 1992. The University is currently having wide recognition not just in Ukraine but all around the world due to its world-class standard of education. 

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Being the private medical University it offers decent medical infrastructure to the medical aspirants at the affordable fee structure. The University receives the wide numbers of the applications from the medical aspirants, who want to make their dreams come true of becoming the professional doctors.

If you are someone who doesn’t live in Ukraine but planning to move to the country for your MBBS program, then you must have had the basic information about the climate of the country. The climate of Ukraine generally remains dry and experience the child, dried winters where you can experience as low as 0 degrees or even lesser temperature in the month of January.

The summer seasons of Ukraine also faces the dire summers during which you can experience the average temperature of around 30+ degrees, which can easily go beyond in some certain regions of the country. The mid months of the year witnessed the average scale of the rainfall with some thunderstorms.

You can witness the warm time of the year from May to September with the warm days and the cool night. So the overall climate of Ukraine is favourable no matter which part of the world you are coming from. 
In this article, we are going to discuss all the basic information about this University such as the courses offered by it, fee structure, other facilities etc so that we can help out all those medical aspirants who want to study a particular program from this University.

Courses Offered by Kyiv Medical University 

Kyiv Medical University is one of those medical Universities of Ukraine, which have developed the most numbers of medical professionals not just in Ukraine but all over the world. The University has by far trained over thousands of the medical professionals and is still training the many more others. 

MBBS is basically the core program of the course curriculum of the University for which the University receives the majority of the admission applications. Other than the MBBS it offers the other medical programs as well to the aspirants such as the Bachelor of Dentistry, Nursing and other medical diplomas. 

So, you will have a decent choice of medical courses options to choose one specific program for yourself. No matter which degree you opt to choose from the University it will be having its full value at an international scale. 

MBBS in Kyiv Medical University 

As we have already mentioned above that MBBS is the major and the core program of this Medical University, which is highly competitive due to the wide numbers of the applications for the program. 

The University offers the 6 years MBBS program including the 1 year for the internship program in which students are provided with the blend of the medical academics and of the practical knowledge to check their scale of knowledge. 

The University follows the international norms for its medical education and offers a decent opportunity of real-time experience in its internship session. 

Here below are the major fields of studies which you will study in the MBBS program of the University.

  1. 1.Human Anatomy
  2. 2. General Medicine & Surgery
  3. 3. Biochemistry
  4. 4. Radiotherapy
  5. 5. Orthopaedics
  6. 6. Opthalmology
  7. 7. Ear, Nose, Throat
  8. 8. Anesthesiology
  9. 9. Dermatology
  10. 10. Forensic Medicine
  11. 11. Obstetrics
  12. 12. Paediatrics etc.

Kyiv Medical University MBBS Fee Structure 

The fee structure of the MBBS program from any medical University is the first key point for the consideration of all the aspirants, who are looking forward to undertaking this program. 

This is the reason why we take it in our discussion and provide you with the same in this section of the article. 

Year of Study Fees 
First Year Fee $6000
Second Year Fee $4500
Third Year Fee $4500
Fourth Year Fee $4500
Fifth Year Fee $4500
Sixth Year Fee $4500

This is the complete MBBS fee structure of the Kyiv Medical University, which only include the tuition fee and excludes the other expenses such as the cost of living, mess expenses etc.

The above-mentioned fee structure of the University is an estimated fee structure and the actual fee structure of the University may vary, thus we always urge our readers to visit the campus of the University to get the most accurate fee structure.

Kyiv Medical University MBBS Admission Eligibility Criteria 

In this section, you can read out the complete admission eligibility criteria of this University for the MBBS program and after meeting out the criteria you can make your admission application for the same. 

  • The candidate must have qualified the 10+2 exam from a recognised board of education in the compulsory subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Candidates must have scored a minimum of 50% passing marks aggregate in the 10+2 exam.
  • The minimum age of the candidate should be 17 years.
  • NEET is mandatory for all the Indian candidates who want to study MBBS from this medical University.
  • The admission sessions of the Kyiv Medical University for the MBBS program are opened in the month of February and September, thus candidates need to apply for the admission during the same months. 

Kyiv Medical University MBBS Highlights 

We are mentioning some important points of the MBBS program from the Kyiv Medical University, which you must read out once to be aware of the key aspects of the MBBS program from this University.

  • The University has a very robust system of medical education which meets out the standard of international medical research and education.
  • The MBBS program of the University is available at very affordable prices which can be afforded by all types of financial background students.
  • The Kyiv Medical University has the highest accreditation level in Ukraine which makes it as the top priority by the MBBS aspirants.
  • The University offers all kinds of basic facilities to its students so that they can finish off their studies without the lack of certain facilities.
  • The internship program of the University offers in-depth capabilities to the students to handle any kind of medical situations.

Scope of MBBS from Kyiv Medical University 

Well, if you are planning to pursue the MBBS from the private medical University of Ukraine then Kyiv Medical University is the first name, which you are going to get in your recommendation list. 

The University has gained such significant credibility in a very short span of time that it is now giving a tough time to the other Government medical institutions of the country. 

The medical degree from Kyiv Medical University is recognised all around the world by all the major medical bodies of the world be it WHO, UNESCO, MCI or any other medical body. Once you earn your medical degree from this institution then you can start your medical practice anywhere in the world just after clearing the screening exam of given country.

Climate of Ukraine & Contact Information of Kyiv Medical University 

Here you can find out the contact information of the Kyiv Medical University where you can reach them with your any other query which might have remained unanswered in the article. 

Phone-+380-98 26 13 604

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