Kazakh National Medical University is located in the Almaty city of Kazakhstan and it is the oldest medical university in the Country having the establishment year as 1931. The University is one of the most prestigious universities in the country having 1500 faculties and over 11000 student base. 

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There are various medical courses being offered by the Kazakh National Medical University such as MBBS, Dentistry and the nursing programs along with other bachelor, masters, and the doctorate programs.

Here in this article, we are basically going to emphasize the MBBS program of the University, which would help you to provide all the relevant information about the MBBS from the Kazakh National Medical University.

Course Offered by the Kazakh National Medical University

There are many types of medical courses offering by the Kazakh National Medical University both in the bachelors and the master programs. The University offers a wide range of medical courses such as the MBBS program, Nursing program, and the dentistry program. MBBS is the major program of the University which is opted by the national and the international MBBS aspirants in the country.

If we talk about the MBBS program of the University then this program has been designed to confirm the international standards of the medical science and for this reason, there are the wide numbers of the international students who come here to study MBBS. 

The program has been made well balanced between the academic studies and the internship period where students learn and practice all the practical aspect of the curriculum.

In the first 4 years students are taught the academic curriculum of the medicine, and in the last year which is the internship period students are provided the exposure of practical medical practices. 

The academic session of the University includes the studies of medical sciences subjects such as the Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, physiotherapy, microbiology and such other branches of the medical science. It includes all the branches of medical science to provide the most skillful doctors from the country who can step out anywhere in the world.

Kazakh National Medical University fee structure

Kazakh National Medical University Fee Structure

It is important to understand the fee structure of the Kazakh National Medical University for all those students who are willing to study MBBS program at the University so that those students can plan their admission accordingly.

Here is the fee structure of the Kazakh National Medical University below.

  • First Year Fee- $5100
  • Second Year Fee- $5100
  • Third Year- $5100
  • Fourth Year- $5100
  • Fifth Year-$5100

As we know that MBBS from Kazakhstan is of 5-year program unlike the medical universities of other countries hence we have provided you with the full 5-year fee structure of the Kazakh National Medical University.

The fee structure as mentioned above also includes the hostel fee, which in combined make this fee structure a very lucrative package for all the MBBS aspirants. Tuition fees is very high in private medical colleges in India so you can choose MBBS in Kazakhstan at the lowest package.

Amenities and Other Facilities by the Kazakh National Medical University

Just like any other medical University Kazakh medical university also gives due care to the necessities of their medical students, and keeping that in mind University offers some basic amenities and other facilities to their students.

Here is the list of those facilities 

  • Internet and the library facilities to encourage the students in broadening the purview of their knowledge.
  • Separate hostel facilities for both the boys and girls to maintain the atmosphere of unisex education.
  • Mess facilities to serve the students a healthy food.
  • Playground facilities to encourage the students as staying physically fit.
  • The large and spacious lectures halls so that students don’t face any kind of inconvenience.
  • Scholarship Program of the Kazakh Medical University Kazakh medical university understands that not all the MBBS aspirants are able to fund their entire fee for the course due to their financially weaken status. Keeping that aspect in mind Kazakh medical university offers the scholarship program to all those students for their bachelor, master, and P.hd medical degrees. 

So, if you are one of those students who can’t afford their full medical courses fee then you can apply for the scholarship program of the Kazakh Medical University.

There are several scholarship programs from the University such as the E. government bolashak scholarship program, Weiser professional development scholarship program etc. You can go to the official website to have the full information about the scholarship program of the University along with the eligibility criteria.

Placement Scope of the Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakh National Medical University which has the tag of the national medical university is the most prestigious medical university of Kazakhstan. The medical courses under the University are recognized worldwide be it the MBBS degree or any dentistry program. 

You can pursue any of the medical stream programs from the University without being concerned about the scope of your MBBS or other degrees. The MBBS degree from the Kazakh medical university is approved by the Medical associations such as GMC, WHO, MCI and such other prominent medical bodies in the world hence you will get the full value of your degree.

You can easily start your medical practice in any country with the MBBS degree of KazNMU by clearing the screening exam of that country or you can apply for the job at any hospital.

Kazakh National Medical University Contact and Climate Condition in Kazakhstan

As we know that Kazakh National Medical University is located in the Almaty city of Kazakhstan and since you are planning to study MBBS in Kazakhstan then you should be aware of the climate of the Country.

Kazakhstan which is having the land area of 2724900 square kilometres is known to be the world’s largest country as landlocked. The country is located on the Asian continent and if we talk about the climate of Almaty or Kazakhstan, then the country overall has a very extreme climate. 

The climate of the country is sort of extremely cold in winter and similarly warm in the summer. The temperature of the Country in the month of January can normally drop down to 0 to -8 degrees.

On the other hand, the summer temperature is although of normal scale having 30 degrees in the month of July. Overall it can be said that other than the dry and cold winter the climate of Kazakhstan (Almaty) is suitable for any continent aspirant. 

If you are having any query regarding the MBBS or any other medical courses program from the Kazakh National Medical University, then you can reach at their officials to clear your query regarding the admission process or anything else.

Here is the contact detail of the KazNMU 
Phone- 086890 81615
Website- https://kaznmu.kz/eng/

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