The International University of Kyrgyzstan was founded in the year 1993 but the division of the International school of medicine from IUK was established in the year 2003.

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Students come from different countries to study in the ISM. Foreign Students study here from India, Pakistan, South Korea, USA, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Syria. This is the main reason the language of instruction is in English.

15 years ago when the university was started only 13 students were enrolled but at present more than 3500 students study in the ISM.

International School of Medicine campus life

The ISM is registered and cooperates with leading international institutions:

The world health organization (WHO), an international association for medical education (AMEE), Institute for international medical education (IIME), the Ph.D. program in biomedicine and health in the EU. Our alumni participate in several international programs. The main campus of ISM is Bishkek but ISM also has a campus in Issyk-Kul.

Advantages to Study MBBS from Kyrgyzstan

Courses in the International School of Medicine

You can enroll in 3 types of program in this college. These programs are:

Graduate program

If you want to become a physician you are in the right place. International school of medicine provides MD course. The duration of this course is 5 years. The entire program like instruction, lab work, lectures, and examination are conducted in English For the convenience of foreign students. After successfully completing the program of medical students are awarded.

Postgraduate program

Postgraduate medical Education (PGME)

Duration: 3 years

Postgraduate programs are designed for specialisation in a particular branch of medicine like:




Traumotology etc.

Ph.D. program

Some Short-Term course is also provided by the ISM

  •    chair of Fundamental Disciplines
  •    Chair of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Gynecology
  •    Chair of Pathology
  •    Chair of Internal Medicine
  •    Chair of Surgical Diseases
  •    Chair of Public Health
  •    Chair of Introduction to Internal Medicine
  •    Chair of Special Clinical Disciplines
  •    Chair of Infectious Diseases

International School of Medicine fee structure

Fee Structure

Fee structure of international school of medicine, Bishkek Campus, Kyrgyzstan

Fee for First-year foreign students

  •    Tuition fee in US $                         4,000
  •    Hostel Fee in US $                         500
  •    Indian Mess Fee in US $              1,200
  •    Medical Insurance Fee in US $   100
  •    One-Time Charges Payable to the University IN US $ 1,000
  •    Transport Fees in US $                 200

Fee in Second Year

  •    Tuition fee in US $                               4,000
  •    Hostel Fee in US $                              500
  •    Indian Mess Fee in US $                   1,200
  •    Medical Insurance Fee in US $        100

*Third, fourth and fifth-year fee is same as the second year.

Facility For ISM Students

ISM provided the medical facility for students duration of the enrolled course. They give facility of emergency hospitalization and treatment at doctors clinic for unexpected sickness.

Contact Address

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 1f, str. Intergelpo 720054

Phone no: +996312644402



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