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Capital University of Medical Science is a well recognized medical University which is also known as the University of Beijing. As the name suggests the University is located in the Beijing city of China and was established in the year 1960. The University is offering almost all kinds of medical courses in China where both the national and the international students study together.

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If you are planning to study MBBS or any other medical program from the Capital University of Medical science then we have written this article specifically for you.

You can find all the relevant information regarding the MBBS program of the University, which will help you to seek admission in the University with all kinds of relevant information.

Courses Offered by the Capital Medical University:

Capital Medical University is one of the best medical universities in Beijing China which has been offering medical courses since 1960. If you are willing to study any medical course from this university and wondering about the available courses then we would help you with that.

Here below we are going to list down all the major courses offering by the Capital Medical University Beijing China. We urge you to go through the all courses and then choose the desired medical course from the university.

    • Basic Medical Science Courses
    • Biomedical Engineering Courses
    • Medical Nursing Courses
    • MBBS Program
    • Vocational Medical Courses
    • Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Courses.
    • Public health and Family medicines courses
  • Other Bachelor, Masters and the Doctoral Medical Programs.

These are the major medical courses which are in the offering list of the Capital Medical University. If you want to have detailed information about these courses then you can visit the official website of the University.

Capital Medical University MBBS fee structure A

Capital Medical University :

As we have already discussed above that there are many medical courses that a medical aspirant choose to study but MBBS is the most prominent course, which is in the offering list of Capital Medical University.

The MBBS program of the University is sought by the majority of the medical students from China and also from the international level.

The MBBS program of the Capital Medical University is a 6 years program which has been divided into the academic and the internship session. In the first 5 years of the program, the students go through the academics session where they study the medicine from the basic to the advanced levels.

The last 1 year of the program has been kept reserved for the internship session, where the students are provided with the practical exposure to apply their medical knowledge on a real-time basis. The internship session is conducted in the medical colleges of China.

Here are the core subjects which are studied by the MBBS aspirants in the MBBS program of the Capital Medical University.

    • Human Anatomy
    • Physiology
    • Gynecology
    • Embryology
    • Biochemistry
    • Pathogenic Biology
    • Medical Microbiology
    • Medical Immunology
  • Obstetrics etc.

The study of the above-mentioned subjects has been divided between the foundation, basic and clinical program of the course.

Capital Medical University China Fee Structure:

If you have made up your mind to study the MBBS course at the Capital Medical University then the next thing must be the fee structure of the program since we all need to plan our budget accordingly.

Here we are providing you the fee structure of the MBBS program from the Capital Medical University below.

Capital Medical University Beijing

As you can see that the fee structure has been provided in the Chinese currency and you can convert it easily into your concerning currency. Here further note that the above fee structure includes the tuition fee, insurance charges, and the living cost as well which makes it one of the most economical medical University to study the MBBS.

Facilities and the other amenities provided by the Capital Medical University:

Every student needs some basic facilities in the course of his/her education, which are actually the necessities to keep the studies going on in an orderly manner.

Capital Medical University notes this aspect and hence provides those basic facilities to its students so that they can study without the lack of those necessities.

Here for your concern, we are providing you with those basic facilities below.

    • Separate hostel facilities for both the boys and girls in order to maintain the unisex study atmosphere.
    • Accommodation and the mess facilities near the campus.
    • Big and spacious lecture halls to provide enough space for every student.
    • Library and the Internet facilities to keep student’s knowledge purview broadened.
    • Sports ground and the gym facilities.
  • Recreation clubs for entertainment purposes.

Capital Medical University MBBS fee structure B

Scholarship Program of Capital Medical University China:

There are the plethora of MBBS aspirants among us who aspire to study MBBS but can’t actually afford the fee of the University. Capital Medical University keeps those students in its consideration and hence provides them with the scholarship facilities so that they can fund their fee.

The eligible students for the scholarship program can apply for the Beijing Government Scholarship program at the end of the first academic year. The eligibility criteria of the scholarship program are decided by the financial background of the students, and along with the academic performance of the student.

You can visit the official website of the Capital Medical University to check more details about the scholarship program.

Scope of MBBS from Capital Medical University:

Capital Medical University is the worldwide recognized medical University of Beijing and the medical degree from this university holds validity across the world.

If you are concerned about the scope of MBBS from the Capital Medical University, then you shouldn’t be that since the MBBS from the Capital Medical University is approved by the all major medical bodies of different nations such as the WHO, GMC, MCI and so on medical bodies.

Once you get your degree from the Capital Medical University then you can freely apply for the job as a doctor in the medical hospitals of China. If you want to start your own practice in other countries then you will need to clear the screening exam of that country for that purpose.

Climate of Beijing (China) and the contact details of the Capital Medical University:

You should be aware of the Capital of Beijing (China) since this is where the Capital Medical University is located and you are going to spend the next 6 years of your life there. The climate of Beijing is humid continental which is influenced by the monsoons.

You can witness the 4 typical climate seasons in Beijing and the average temperature here in the month could be around -4 degree Celsius or sometimes can fall below that. On the other hand, the average temperature in the month of July can be around 26 degrees. Other than that you can witness some of the major pollution-related issues in Beijing.

If you want to reach out to the officials of the Capital Medical University to inquire about the other information of the Capital Medical University then here below we are providing you with the contact details of the University.

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