Astana Medical University is one of the leading medical Universities of Kazakhstan which are recognized at an international level. The University is located in the capital city of Kazakhstan nation and can also be considered as among those Universities which are the oldest medical Universities of Kazakhstan.

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This University offers plenty of the medical courses to the aspirants all around which attracts the wide numbers of the medical aspirants. You can find a decent level of medical education from the University along with the modern medical infrastructure.

So, if you are willing to have more information about this University in terms of various aspects then we urge you to go through our entire article. In this article, you will have all the required information which will help you to consider taking admission into this University.

Courses Provided by Astana Medical University

Astana Medical University is one of the prime medical Universities of Kazakhstan as it has a wide number of medical courses offerings in its list. The University attracts the numbers of the International medical aspirants as well to undertake the various kinds of medical courses from it.

Here we are listing down some of the major medical programs that you can study from this University.

  • MBBS programme
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • Preventative Medicine Programme
  • Nursing Programme
  • Other Pharmacy Programmes
  • Internal Medicine and Public health programme etc.
  • Masters Programmes

As you can see that you can study almost all kinds of major medical courses from this University with the modern studies infrastructure.

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MBBS Programme by the Astana Medical University

As we know that MBBB is the most popular bachelor programme of any medical University, and in a similar manner Astana Medical college is well known for its MBBS course.

There are the wide numbers of the students both from the native and the International aspirants, who look forward to taking admission into the University and make their dreams come true.

The MBBS programme of the University has been designed in the duration of 6 years just like any other medical colleges. As a student, you will undergo the study curriculum of MBBS for the first 5 years, and the last year would be provided you for the internship session. The internship is held at the medical hospitals where you get the practical exposure of testing your medical knowledge.

Here are the major domains of studies that you would be studying in the MBBS course.

  • General Medicine and Surgery
  • Physiology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Biochemistry
  • Communities and the Humanities of Medicine
  • Orthopedic
  • Anesthesiology
  • Physician
  • Pathology
  • Dermatology etc.

These are the major course of studies that you are going to study in the MBBS program of this University.

Astana Medical University Fees Structure For MBBS Program

We have discussed the courses offering by the Astana Medical College particularly the MBBS was our prime discussion. Now the next aspect with which the candidates are willing to know about is the MBBS fee structure of the University.

Here below is the fee MBBS fee structure of the University for your concern.

  • First Year Fee- $5000
  • Second Year Fee- $5000
  • Third Year Fee- $5000
  • Fourth Year Fee- $5000
  • Firth Year Fee-$5000

The sixth year is the internship period thus there is no fee chargeable for the sixth year. We notify all the aspirants that the above-mentioned fee structure includes the hostel and the mess fee as well. Fees Structure is very reasonable for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Facilities Provided by the Astana Medical University

The University offers all kinds of basic facilities to its students which help them in carrying their education without any difficulties. The University makes sure that the students don’t feel a lack of the basic facilities and the amenities which are required by them on a daily basis in the course of their studies.

  • Separate hostel for both the boys and girls to maintain the unisex education atmosphere.
  • Mess facilities for the health food supplies.
  • 24/7 medical services for the students to handle any medical emergency.
  • Sports ground and the gym facilities.
  • Canteen and the other refreshment facilities.
  • Banking facilities etc.


Scholarship by the Astana Medical University

The scholarship is the fee assistance or the relief in the fee granted by the University to its students who are studying any medical program from the University. There are the wide numbers of the students, who want to study their desired medical course in theAMU, but can’t afford the fee of the University which compels them to give up on their dreams.

The University understands the ambitions of the students and thus provide them with the scholarship program which is based on the merit and on the financial background of the students. We urge you to visit the campus of the University to have more information about the scholarship program and also know about the eligibility criteria of it.

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Placement and Scope of Astana Medical University

Astana is one of the most leading and the biggest medical Universities of the Kazakhstan which is recognized across the world. The University offers a long list of the medical courses, which are recognized and approved by almost all the medical bodies of the different nations.

You can undertake any medical program of the University such as if you undertake MBBS program then you would be able to work as a doctor both in Kazakhstan and in the other countries as well. You can also start your own practice in any country after qualifying the screening exam of the country.

As our final words, we would say that you would get the full value of your medical degree from the Astana Medical University no matter whatever kind, of course, you undertake from this institution.

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Climate of Kazakhstan and the Contact Details of Astana Medical University

Well, as you are planning to study the MBBS in the Astana Medical University for the next years thus it becomes significant for you to plan out you’re staying as per the climate of the region. In this section, we are going to put the light on the climate of the region.

Astana has the tendency of having the cold weather as a ruling climate and thus you would have more months of winter in the comparison of the summer. You will also witness the heavy rainfall in this region not only in the rainy season but also in the other months as well. July is the month of heavy rainfall in Astana.

If we talk about the temperature then the average temperature of the region is around 20 degrees and it may get as low as -16 degrees during the month of February. The temperature still remains significantly low in the months of the summer thus you would get the touch of cold temperature throughout the year.

If you are still having any query related to any aspect of the Astana Medical University Kazakhstan then we urge you to visit the official website of the University. Below we are providing you the contact information of the University where you can reach the officials of the University.

Phone-(7172) 539547
You can also find other medical colleges in Kazakhstan…

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Karaganda State Medical University
Kazakh National Medical University

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