Altai State Medical University is basically a public University which is located in the Barnaul region of Russia. It is one of the oldest public medical Universities of Russia which was founded in the year of 1954 and operates as a public institution. 

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The University is recognized by the Russia ministry of education and has been financed by the state. In the current scenario, this University has become a very famous choice of MBBS destination, and if you are living in Russia then you can resort to it as one of the best public medical educations institutions.

In this article, we are basically going to make our discussion about the Altai State Medical University in depth. Here we would cover the several aspects of the University which includes the courses offerings by the University, fee structure, etc. 

So, if you want to have all such information about this University so that you could take admission in MBBS courses in Russia, then we urge you to go through the entire article.

Courses in Altai State Medical University

Well, as we have already discussed that it is the prominent public medical University of Russia which is also one of the oldest in the country. If we talk about the courses offerings by this University, then you can get almost all kinds of the medical courses here to study, which include the modern medical programs and also the traditional ones as well.

Here below is the list of major programs that you can study from the Altai State Medical University.

  • MBBS Program 
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery 
  • Nursing Program 
  • Dentistry Programs
  • Preventive Medicine Programs
  • General Medicine and Pharmacy Program 
  • Other Master’s Programs 

So, these are the major course of studies which you can undertake from the Altai State Medical University. The University is having the highly experienced faculty in the above mentioned medical domains and the infrastructure of the University is also modern, which offers a decent exposure of the academics and the internship as well.

Altai State Medical University Fee Structure

Well, the fee structure of any medical University is a very important criterion which must be looked upon by all the aspirants. Having the information about the fee structure of the University will enable you to finalize your decision, that whether you can afford the fee structure of the University and want to go ahead with it or not.

Here below we are listing down the MBBS fee structure of this University for your consideration.

  • First Year Fee- $6000
  • Second Year Fee- $4800
  • Third Year Fee- $4800
  • Fourth Year Fee- $4800
  • Fifth Year Fee- $4800
  • Sixth Year Fee- $4800

Kindly note that the above-mentioned MBBS fee structure of the Altai State Medical University includes the tuition, hostel and the other charges as well. It means upon the payment of the above-mentioned fee you won’t need to pay anything else.

Indian Students in Altai State Medical University

It was the year 1991 when the Altai State Medical University started accepting the international admission applications from the international students including Indian. In the current scenario, there are significant numbers of the Indian MBBS aspirants, who are studying the medicine from this University and many more are willing to study. 

In the Indian context, we understand the medical educational domain of India, where there are very few medical MBBS seats and the numbers of the aspirants are very high in the comparison. This is the reason why Indian MBBS aspirants look at the option of studying MBBS from Russia. 

As the Altai State Medical University is approved by the medical council of India, thus it becomes a significant option of studying the MBBS course. The fee structure as well of this medical University is very reasonable for the Indian aspirants with the decent scope of MBBS education.

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